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Signal and Spectrum Analyzers - 1

Test & Measurement Signal and spectrum analyzers from Rohde & Schwarz Product overview

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Signal and Spectrum Analyzers - 2

Signal and spectrum analyzers from Rohde & Schwarz At a glance Rohde & Schwarz offers innovative signal and spectrum analyzers whose unique characteristics enable them to redefine the current state-of-the-art again and again. Rohde & Schwarz offers a large state-of-the-art product portfolio with ingenious and often unique solutions for all fields of application in spectrum analysis – for general measurement applications and special purposes. The fast-paced development in wireless communications requires short innovation cycles and a continuous expansion of measurement equipment to provide...

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Signal and Spectrum Analyzers - 3

Signal and spectrum analyzers from Rohde & Schwarz R&S®FSW Signal and spectrum analyzer High-end High-end spectrum analyzer to meet the highest requirements in signal and spectrum analysis ▷ page 7 R&S®FSU Spectrum analyzer High-end spectrum analyzer High-end spectrum analyzer up to 67 GHz for maximum performance ▷ page 10 R&S®FSQ Signal analyzer High-end signal analyzer Signal analysis up to 40 GHz with the dynamic range of a high-end spectrum analyzer and an analysis bandwidth up to 120 MHz ▷ page 12 R&S®FSMR Measuring receiver Signal generator calibration The all-in-one solution for the...

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Signal and Spectrum Analyzers - 5

Rohde & Schwarz offers a very broad product portfolio of signal and spectrum analyzers. Users can choose the most suitable solution from among twelve different product families - the R&S®FSW, R&S®FSU, R&S®FSQ, R&S®FSMR, R&S®FSUP, R&S®FSG, R&S®FSVR, R&S®FSV, R&S®FSL, R&S®ZVH, R&S®FSH and the R&S®FSC. 1) With external mixers. Rohde & Schwarz Signal and spectrum analyzers from Rohde & Schwarz 5

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Signal and Spectrum Analyzers - 6

Family concept Users can easily and quickly switch between the individual instruments – for example, from an earlier to a later model or from development to production – without much effort. The signal and spectrum analyzers from Rohde & Schwarz largely share the same user interface and the same remote control routines. This concept applies not only to the individual families but to the product generations as well. This consistent concept was also implemented for the application-specific options – as far as possible taking into account the different bandwidths. Options are available for all...

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Signal and Spectrum Analyzers - 7

R&S®FSW signal and spectrum analyzer The high-performance R&S®FSW signal and spectrum analyzer was developed to meet demanding customer requirements. Offering low phase noise, wide analysis bandwidth and straightforward and intuitive operation, the analyzer makes measurements fast and easy. Users in the aerospace and defense (A & D) sector and developers of future wideband communications systems will find plenty of reasons why the R&S®FSW is the right solution for their T & M requirements. With phase noise unparalleled among signal and spectrum analyzers, the R&S®FSW facilitates the...

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Signal and Spectrum Analyzers - 8

A wide variety of measurements are needed in order to validate and verify the characteristics of RF ICs, modules and systems under various conditions, such as at different frequencies, temperatures or supply voltages. The R&S®FSW effectively supports these measurements by offering high speed, efficient measurement functions and fast switchover between instrument setups. This speeds up test sequences and reduces the time to the final product. Providing 1000 sweeps/s in remote operation and delay-free switching between instrument setups, the R&S®FSW ranks top among the signal and spectrum...

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Signal and Spectrum Analyzers - 9

Designed for convenience - with straightforward result display i Efficient operation with optimized user guidance i MultiView: multiple results at a glance i Optimum configuration and combination of measurement applications Ideal for analyzing radar systems i Fast identification and analysis of spurious emissions i Low phase noise for oscillator measurements i Pulse parameter measurements at the touch of a key i Analysis of short pulse rise and fall times Identifying interaction between signals i Multistandard radio analyzer (MSRA) When speed counts i High measurement rates and fast sweep...

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Signal and Spectrum Analyzers - 10

R&S®FSU Spectrum Analyzer The R&S®FSU is a first-rate spectrum analyzer that meets any challenge in RF analysis - in aerospace and defense or for general microwave applications up to 67 GHz. The R&S®FSU is a high-end spectrum analyzer with unrivaled performance in phase noise, dynamic range, measurement accuracy and resolution bandwidth. These factors are important for the design, characterization and manufacture of components for the next generation of products. A very low DANL of typ. -148 dBm (1 Hz) at 26 GHz and -138 dBm (1 Hz) at 46 GHz supports accurate and sensitive measurements. The...

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Signal and Spectrum Analyzers - 11

Unrivaled performance: widest dynamic range for a spectrum analyzer i TOI of typ. +25 dBm i 1 dB compression: +13 dBm i Phase noise of typ. -133 dBc (1 Hz) at 10 kHz i Highly linear display of < 0.1 dB i 84 dB ACLR/3GPP with noise correction i DANL of -158 dBm (1 Hz), with preamplifier (R&S®FSU-B24): typ. -168 dBm (1 Hz) at 20 GHz, typ. -155 dBm (1 Hz) at 50 GHz R&S®FSU67 - the only spectrum analyzer with a continuous frequency range from 20 Hz to 67 GHz i First spectrum analyzer with full span sweep of 67 GHz i Unambiguous frequency identification (without the image response and multiple...

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Signal and Spectrum Analyzers - 12

R&S®FSQ Signal Analyzer The R&S®FSQ combines the excellent RF ­ characteristics of the R&S®FSU spectrum analyzer with the versatility of a wideband signal analyzer. Owing to the R&S®FSQ's high analysis bandwidth of 28 MHz or 120 MHz as well as its 16 Msample I/Q memory, it is also ­ uitable for future standards. s The R&S®FSQ is a solution for all areas in development and production. It offers very low phase noise, an unsurpassed low residual EVM, a wide dynamic range as well as aboveaverage accuracy. It is therefore an outstanding choice as a high-end measuring instrument for development...

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