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R&S®RTP HIGH-PERFORMANCE OSCILLOSCOPE Signal integrity in real time Oscilloscope innovation. Measurement confidence. www.rohde-schwarz.com/RTP Product Brochure Version 14.00

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R&S®RTP - 2

AT A GLANCE Benefit from the advanced technology in the R&S®RTP oscilloscope. Customized frontend ASICs and realtime processing hardware enable highly accurate measurements up to 16 GHz with unprecedented speed in a compact form factor. The R&S®RTP high-performance oscilloscope combines high-class signal integrity with fast acquisition and analysis. The Rohde & Schwarz designed frontend components offer an expandable oscilloscope platform from 4 GHz to 16 GHz. Dedicated acquisition and processing ASICs enable an unprecedented high acquisition and processing rate of 750 000 waveforms/s. The...

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R&S®RTP - 3

The R&S®RTP oscilloscope combines multiple instrument capabilities for time-correlated debugging in one box. Additional integrated test resources such as MSO, arbitrary waveform generator, 16 GHz differential pulse source and multiple 18-bit high-precision voltage and current channels make the R&S®RTP the most powerful debugging tool. With all this in a compact instrument format plus silent operation, the R&S®RTP oscilloscope is the best fit for any lab. BENEFITS Real-time signal integrity ► Comprehensive probe portfolio ► OSCILLOSCOPE MODELS Bandwidth ► R&S®RTP164: Sampling rate ► 40...

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R&S®RTP - 4

OSCILLOSCOPE INNOVATION. MEASUREM ENABLING TECHNOLOGIES Rohde & Schwarz engineers focus on making oscilloscopes better. They use leading-edge technologies for hardware and software designs and incorporate innovative features such as fastest signal acquisition, an entirely new trigger architecture and the touchscreen-optimized user interface. The new R&S®RTP high-performance oscilloscope family continues this tradition of innovation and offers a true first: highperformance signal integrity in real time in a compact instrument. High-performance analog ASICs Measurement accuracy is highly...

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R&S®RTP - 5

MENT CONFIDENCE. Real-time deembedding and advanced triggering The R&S®RTP features powerful processing components directly after the A/D converters for real-time correction of the transmission path from the DUT. The unique Rohde & Schwarz digital trigger system follows in the processing path and operates based on the same compensated A/D converter samples. Users benefit from highest acquisition speed even with activated real-time deembedding and precise triggering on compensated signal events up to the full bandwidth. Real-time deembedding Real-time deembedding Full-bandwidth triggering...

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R&S®RTP - 6

REAL-TIME SIGNAL INTEGRITY HIGH-PERFORMANCE FRONTEND Flat frequency response and high SFDR for precise and fast measurements High input sensitivity of 2 mV/div for small signals The instrument supports measurement of small signals thanks to its high vertical input sensitivity down to 2 mV/div without software magnification or limitations on the maximum measurement bandwidth. The input components of the R&S®RTP assure high measurement fidelity without time-consuming correction during postprocessing. Users benefit from eliable r results with the industry-leading acquisition rate of > 750 000...

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R&S®RTP - 7

REAL-TIME DEEMBEDDING Deembedding in real time for fast results Triggering on corrected signals The R&S®RTP extends traditional deembedding capabilities with flexible filter structures directly after the A/D converters. This allows waveform correction in real time. The advantages over deembedding the acquired waveform during postprocessing are the measurement speed and instrument responsiveness. With the R&S®RTP, for the first time users can trigger on corrected waveforms and focus on debugging the true device characteristics. The unique digital trigger system operates with the sampling...

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R&S®RTP - 8

HARDWARE-ACCELERATED PROCESSING FOR FAST RESULTS Quickly find signal faults with > 750 000 waveforms/s High acquisition rate of the R&S®RTP Typical acquisition rate The R&S®RTP oscilloscopes process and display more than 750 000 waveforms/s in standard operating mode. This allows you to detect sporadic signals quickly and reliably. This update rate is unique for high-performance oscilloscopes. A high acquisition rate is even available when zoom or cursor measurements are active. The high acquisition rate detects sporadic signal faults fast Increase real-time resolution with 16-bit HD mode...

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R&S®RTP - 9

Analyze high speed serial signals with the serial pattern trigger and 16 Gbps clock data recovery The R&S®RTP features a high speed serial pattern trigger that can operate based on the extracted embedded clock of a serial signal. The R&S®RTP accomplishes this with hardware based clock data recovery (CDR) that supports a maximum nominal data rate of 8 Gbps or 16 Gbps, depending on the selected software option. The CDR can use any of the four analog input channels. This function can be added as an upgrade at any time since the options are license key enabled. The high speed serial pattern...

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R&S®RTP - 10

COMPREHENSIVE ANALYSIS TOOLS Jitter and noise analysis Powerful basic jitter analysis functions R&S®RTP oscilloscopes offer a wide range of basic itter j analysis functions enabled by the R&S®RTP-K12 option. Automated itter measurements like cycle-to-cycle jitter j and time interval error (TIE) essential for jitter analysis on clock and data signals and for investigating further signal details with additional tools such as track, long-term trend and FFT on track. For example, frequency interference can be determined by applying FFT analysis to the cycle-tocycle jitter measurement track....

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R&S®RTP - 11

Automatic compliance tests Easy configuration and automatic control with R&S®ScopeSuite R&S®ScopeSuite is generic compliance test software that runs on the R&S®RTP oscilloscope or on a separate Windows PC. It controls the measurement settings and test sequence on the R&S®RTP and guides you through all selected tests. Detailed, image based instructions make it easy to correctly connect the oscilloscope, the probes, the test fixture and the device under test. User data, all test setup settings and measurement report definitions are simple to configure. The limit editor lets you individually...

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