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R&S®FSW Signal and Spectrum Analyzer Continuing innovation in RF performance and usability Product Brochure | Version 03.01

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R&S®FSW Signal and Spectrum Analyzer At a glance The high-performance R&S®FSW signal and spectrum analyzer helps engineers accomplish the most demanding tasks. Its wide internal analysis bandwidth allows the characterization of wideband components and communications systems. Its unparalleled phase noise facilitates the development of high-performance oscillators such as those used in radars. A state-of-the-art multitouch display with gesture support ensures straightforward and intuitive operation. An embedded SCPI recorder enables easy creation of executable scripts. The R&S®FSW offers up...

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Key facts ❙❙ Frequency range from 2 Hz to 90 GHz (up to 500 GHz with external harmonic mixers from Rohde & Schwarz) ❙❙ Low phase noise of –140 dBc (1 Hz) at 10 kHz offset, –143 dBc at 100 kHz offset (1 GHz carrier) ❙❙ 60 dBc spurious-free dynamic range for 2 GHz internal analysis bandwidth ❙❙ Up to 5 GHz analysis bandwidth (2 GHz internally and 5 GHz using an R&S®RTO oscilloscope as an external digitizer) ❙❙ 800 MHz real-time analysis bandwidth with 2.4 million FFT/s, 0.46 µs POI and 500 MHz I/Q data streaming interface. ❙❙ SCPI recorder simplifies code generation ❙❙ New flat Windows 10...

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Outstanding RF performance The R&S®FSW redefines the top of the line for signal and spectrum analyzers, offering superior RF performance in terms of phase noise, displayed average noise level, intermodulation suppression and dynamic range for ACLR and harmonic measurements. Unmatched phase noise - ideal for measuring oscillators for radar and communications applications Developers of oscillators, synthesizers and transmit systems benefit from the R&S®FSW analyzer's excellent RF performance for phase noise measurements. At 10 kHz offset from the carrier, the R&S®FSW achieves a phase noise of...

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Excellent dynamic range for spurious measurements thanks to low DANL Featuring a low displayed average noise level (DANL) of typ. –159 dBm (1 Hz) at 2 GHz and –150 dBm (1 Hz) at 25 GHz without using a preamplifier, the R&S®FSW m easures spurious emissions quickly and reliably over a wide frequency range. A built-in preamplifier reduces the DANL further by over 15 dB and the analyzer’s switchselected noise cancellation improves the DANL by up to 13 dB. As a result, users can identify even the smallest of spurious emissions that were previously hidden in the noise floor, and effectively...

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The demand for analysis bandwidth is constantly increasing. The R&S®FSW is ready to take on this challenge. Analysis bandwidth extensions for the different R&S®FSW models Frequency range R&S®FSW8 Recommended signal analysis bandwidth extensions for the different signal analysis applications

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Rohde & Schwarz R&S®FSW Signal and Spectr

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Advanced user interface The R&S®FSW is designed for convenience – with straightforward result display. SCPI recorder Simplified code generation for automatic, r emote controlled measurements Toolbar ❙❙ Quickly access frequently used functions ❙❙ Load and save configurations ❙❙ Take screenshots ❙❙ Zoom graphs ❙❙ Configure displayed items 12.1" high-resolution, multitouch display ❙❙ 1280 × 800 pixel resolution ❙❙ Multitouch operation Three USB 2.0 ports ❙❙ For storage media ❙❙ For connecting accessories ❙❙ For power sensors with USB connector

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R&S®MultiView and R&S®Sequencer ❙❙ Display all tabs on one screen ❙❙ Measure consecutively ❙❙ Receive continually updated results Overview settings Display and adjust all hardware- related ettings on one screen s Noise source control ❙❙ 28 V DC power for noise sources with BNC DC input ❙❙ Control with instrument firmware Smart port ❙❙ For power meters ❙❙ For smart noise sources Rohde & Schwarz R&S®FSW Signal and Spect

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Be ahead in 5G and other wireless standards To meet the increasing demand for wireless connectivity, network infrastructures and user equipment need to accommodate diverse wireless technologies such as LTE, 5G NR, 802.11 and NB-IoT. The applications are many and diverse and range from high-speed wireless access to autonomous cars and artificial intelligence. The R&S®FSW provides the right capabilities and measurement applications with uncompromised performance for fast and straightforward testing of different wireless standards with their specific requirements and characteristics. Signal...

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The R&S®FSW-K145 supports both the OFDMA and the transform precoded modes in the uplink. To simplify signal analysis, several parameters are automatically detected, which reduces the number of user settings to a minimum. For out-of-band measurements, a wide range of settings and limit lines are provided for adjacent channel leakage ratio and spectrum emission mask measurements. Narrowband loT (NB-IoT) The R&S®FSW-K106 covers all three operating modes (inband, guard band and out-of-band) for base station testing in line with the 3GPP specification. It delivers signal modulation results as...

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Extensive radar analysis functions Extensive analysis functions and fast identification of spurious emissions are essential prerequisites when testing modern radar systems with their wideband signals, intrapulse modulation techniques and frequency hopping capabilities. Fast and comprehensive radar signal analysis The R&S®FSW-K6 pulse measurement application measures all relevant pulse parameters such as pulse duration, pulse period, pulse rise and fall times, power drop across a pulse and intrapulse phase modulation at the touch of a button. It produces a trend analysis over many pulses....

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a utomatically calculates the chirp rate and the deviation from the ideal FMCW chirp to enable efficient radar sensor optimization. The R&S®FSW-K60 with the R&S®FSW-K60H transient hop measurement option is a convenient tool for analyzing signals with fast channel-switching characteristics such as those that occur in frequency hopping radios. Results i nclude dwell time/hop, switching time, frequency, deviation and much more. Pulse compression measurement setup with the R&S®FSW-K6/-K6S measurement option R&S®FSW Reference waveform Radar under test The analyzer shows trends and performs...

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