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REMOS Pricelist UL GXNXT EUR - 1

REMOS GX ‐ Models & Facts (Ultralight) All prices shown are exclusive of taxes such as VAT. • XPDR ‐ SV‐XPNDR‐261 ‐ GARMIN aera500 • GPS • COM/Audio Panel PS COM/Audio Panel ‐ PS LED flap indicator LED flap indicator • CFRP wing struts • Standard decor • Comfort & Safety Package • Premium decor Optional equipment (f d il d li see b k side): CFRP wing struts, optional avionics,traffic alert system, AEROSUN landing lights, MAGNUM b lli i i l i (for detailed list back id ) i i l i i ffi l l di li h ballistic recovery system, leather seats, interior pads, different decors, glider towing clutch, ceiling hanging equipment, and many more INTERIOUR DESIGN CHOICES: leather‐fabric & leather‐cinnamo take off roll distance take‐off roll distance empty weight (typ. GXe LITE )

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REMOS Pricelist UL GXNXT EUR - 2

REMOS GX ‐ Pricing & Equipment EQUIPMENT Slipper Clutch Slipper Clutch Dynon Performance Package: Dynon Sensor Package, Dynon pitot tube with stall warning, Dynon Backup Battery REMOS eLITE carbon seats adjustable REMOS eLITE carbon seats, adjustable Dynon Sensor Package: fuel flow, fuel pressure, ammeter, manifold Dynon Sensor Package fuel flow fuel pressure ammeter manifold 1.028,00 € pressure, EGT

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