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REMOS GX ‐ Models & Facts (US LSA) All prices shown are exclusive of taxes such as VAT. • Comfort & Safety Package Optional equipment (for detailed list see back side): CFRP wing struts, optional avionics,traffic alert system, AEROSUN landing lights, MAGNUM ballistic recovery system, leather seats, interior pads, different decors, glider towing clutch, ceiling hanging equipment, and many more recovery system leather seats interior pads different decors glider towing clutch ceiling hanging equipment and many more (*) Prices are turnkey delivery at your respective dealer and include shipping to and certification in the US. INTERIOUR DESIGN CHOICES: leather‐fabric & leather‐cinnamo FACTS AND FIGURES PERFORMANCE take‐off roll distance take‐off distance empty weight (typ. GXe LITE ) manoeuvring load factor max. range

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REMOS GX ‐ Pricing & Equipment GXe LITE ENGINE & PROP PELLER Dynon Performance Package: Dynon Sensor Package, Dynon pitot tube with stall warning, Dynon Backup Battery Dynon Sensor Package: fuel flow, fuel pressure, ammeter, manifold $ 1.397,00 pressure, EGT

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