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Magneto-optical hysteresigraph MOHyster Regula 7708 MOHyster Regula 7708 is specifically designed to be used in applied research, particularly for the development of new and improvement of currently existing document security features with magnetic properties. The solution is also perfect for monitoring the quality of security features during the production of banknotes, securities and blanks. MOHyster can be used for extensive research on magnetic printing elements performed by forensic experts.

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Regula 7708 is constructed as a single unit for desktop use. It is used with a PC and fully controlled with the help of CADR software (supplied with a unit). The device is reliable, convenient and easy-to-use. Functionality The key feature of this Regula solution is the possibility to measure and evaluate magnetic hysteresis characteristics of security features in documents and banknote under different magnetization conditions, namely: saturation field intensity; saturation magnetic induction; residual magnetic induction; coercive force; hysteresis loss. Based on coercive force...

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Evaluation of hysteresis parameters: (1) Hs — saturation field (4) Hc — coercive force intensity (5) W = ∫ BdH — hysteresis (2) Bs — saturation loss magnetic induction (3) Br — residual magnetic induction Powered by TCPDF ( Classification of magnetic protection samples by the type of magnetic material based on coercive force (Hc) measurements: (6) Soft Hc ≈ 0 kA/m

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