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Conveyor Components, Chains and Belts Catalog Issue 6.2 Check out our most popular products online:

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SYSTEM PLAST Keep your equipment - and your business - moving forward System Plastis the one source for Valu Guide'’ components. System Plast conveyor chains and belts, plastic materials and custom machined products from Nolu Plastics. With years in the industry, System Plast is com mitted to a product development process that continues to deliver innovative solutions. We tackle the tough problems like noise reduction, hygiene, and increased productivity with solutions such as Nolu-S material, SaniStar levelers. and SpeedSet brackets. In today’s competitive environment, compo nents that...

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• Thermoplastic Flat Top Chains • Multi-flex Chains • Crate Conveyor Chains Sprockets, Wear Strips & Conveyor Chain Guides. . 101 • ValuTrac™ • Modular Guides • Wear Strips • Magnetic Corner Tracks • Return Rollers • Roller Chain Guides • Guide Rails    •    Chain Guides    •    PolyGlide Rails • Lane Dividers    •    Wear    Beds    •    Guide Rail Benders • Rail Clamps    •    Rail    Splicing    •    Rail Clips • Bar Caps    •    PET Neck Guides    •    J-Legs • Bar Covers    •    Tube Covers    •    Aluminum Rails • Round Bars    •    Flight Edging    •    Hanger Bearings Bead and...

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Conveyor Chains Conveyor Chain Selection ©2015 Regal-Beloit Corporation, All Rights Reserved. Side Flexing Side Flexing Straight Running Side Flexing Side Flexing Side Flexing Side Flexing

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Multiflex Chains Multiflex Chains Side Flexing Side Flexing Side Flexing Multiflex Chains Crate Conveyor Chains Crate Conveyor Chains ©2015 Regal-Beloit Corporation, All Rights Reserved. Conveyor Chains Conveyor Chain Selection

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Conveyor Chains Conveyor Chain Selection LBP Straight Running Straight Running Side Flexing Straight Running ©2015 Regal-Beloit Corporation, All Rights Reserved. Side Flexing Straight Running Straight Running Straight Running Side Flexing Straight Running Side Flexing Side Flexing Side Flexing

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Catenary or chain sag is an inherent feature in chain convey- 150° min ors which provides a mechanical balance between absorbed 3” + 1” and unabsorbed chain tension. The catenary area of a con> R. Backflex Radius veyor must be properly designed to accommodate catenary = sag for a given chain. Catenary performs two valuable func18 ÷ 24 tions. First, it balances any loads not absorbed by sprocket teeth. This balance between unabsorbed tension and catenary weight should occur about 150° around the drive sprocket. Second, it provides an area in the conveyor to easily remove links as the chain...

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Conveyor Chains Steel Chain Materials Material name:    hardened carbon steel This carbon steel material allows a higher yield load capability than stainless steel but is not corrosion resistant. The hardened plate material provides for a uniform hardness of 44 HRC. Features: • Surface hardness: 44 HRC Benefits: • High mechanical strength • High abrasion resistance AISI 430 Stainless steel material with good mechanical characteristics and limited corrosion resistance. An economical option for many conveying applications. Lower load and lower wear resistance capability than our other...

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Minimum Max. Temp. °F Temp. °F Dry Environment - 40°    +    176° Plastic Chain MaterialsMaterial name:    G, LFW Low Friction Acetal Resin It is identical to the delrin acetal material and offers an improved coefficient of friction. This material is suitable for use in high speed applications. Operating temperatures: dry: - 40°F to + 176°F wet: 32°F to +149°F Color: Light Brown, Dark Grey or White This material is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved for direct contact with food. Extra performance acetal with a very low coefficient of friction compared to other LF materials....

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Conveyor Chains Straight Running Steel Chains RD 812, 815 Straight Running Chains,Single Hinge These chains feature high wear resistance, durability, and an excellent surface finish Standard Length: 10ft. Pitches: 80 Part Number Yield Surface Finish Point (lbs.) (micro inches) 3.42 Yield Surface Finish Flatness L Point (lbs.) (micro inches) (max) (width) Material: Special 400 series "Extra Plus" high performance stainless steel. Chain    Yield Surface Finish Flatness L    Weight Reference    Part Number Point (lbs.) (micro inches) (max) (width) G RD (lbs. per ft.) Material: Special 400...

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Conveyor Chains Drive Sprocket Options for 812, 815 Chains Idler Options for 812, 815 Chains Machined Split Molded Split Part Number Low-Friction Molded Part Number Molded Split Part Number Split    Split Shaft Sized Teeth or Bore Dia. Equivalent    Part Number    Part Number Part Number See all sprockets and idlers on pages 101-125 SYSTEM 9    ©2015 Regal-Beloit Corporation, All Rights Reserved.

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Conveyor Chains Side Flexing Steel Chains Side Flexing Chains, Bevel Guides These chains feature high wear resistance, exceptional durability and hardness, high tensile strength, and an excellent surface finish. Standard Length: 10ft. Pitches: 80 Yield Surface Finish L R SC SC Weight Chain Reference Part Number Point (lbs.) (micro inches) (width) Min. Straight Curved (lbs. per ft.) SSA 881    K325    10107    1011    12    3-1/4    20    1.75    1.63    2.01 Side Flexing Chains, Bevel Guides 881O offers a further improvement to the standard chains series 881. This chain has a smaller...

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