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AEROSTAR TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS THE VISTA F50ER1 ENHANCING SECURITY THROUGH PERSISTENT SURVEILLANCE Time is your most critical asset in an operational environment. Our suite of radar systems provides precise and actionable intelligence, offering operators the needed time to make the correct decisions. The Vista F50ER1 is a revolutionary 360° wide-area radar system that provides extended range capabilities. This system can be used for early detection of targets and their movement over land and water. The Vista F50ER1 is controlled remotely and operates from a diverse set of platforms, including towers, vehicles, ships, aerostats, and aircraft. It is designed and optimized for automatically tracking targets against difficult radar clutter conditions, eliminating the need for operator adjustments and tuning. Aerostar Technical Solutions offers a complete, high-performance radar solution, including integration and field support, at best value. By providing highly trained teams to conduct safe and efficient operations on-site, our team ensures mission success through a comprehensive suite of support services. Our suite of radar systems are trusted and deployed by the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Intelligence Community, and more. Aerostar Technical Solutions | 2231 Crystal Drive Suite 515, Crystal City, VA 22202 +1 (703) 920-2100 | | MISSION POSSIBILITIES Defense Intelligence and Reconnaissance Infrastructure Security Disaster Response Incident Awareness and Assessment Drug and Smuggling Interdiction Force Protection Port Security Border Security Coastal Security Insurgent Activity Detection

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INDUSTRYSURPASSING INTELLIGENT TRACKING Embedded status and control web application Automatically tunes to the local environment without adjustments Unattended remote deployments Display of tracks from multiple sensor feeds and camera imagery Web-based fault system remote maintainence SYSTEM PERFORMANCE: PEAK TRANSMIT POWER: 50,000W - MEDIUM BOATS, AIRCRAFTS: 60-85+ km 24/7, all-weather operations in high-clutter environments ANTENNA OPTIONS: 10 ft. (High Gain) FALSE ALARM RATE: <1 per 6 hours - SMALL BOATS, AIRCRAFTS: 25-60+ km - LARGE BOATS, AIRCRAFTS: 100-170+ km RANGE ACCURACY: 10m...

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