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Rap:sc an systems An OSI Systems Company INDUSTRY LEADING FULL 3D IMAGE FUTURE PROOF TECHNOLOGY RESOLUTION FULL INTEGRATION BEARING FREE & INDUCTIVE COUPLING CT TECHNOLOGY ECAC APPROVED 920 CT utilizes cutting-edge Dual-Energy technology and sophisticated algorithms to provide the highest level of automatic detection of explosives and the detection of densely shielded areas meeting stringent global standards. The system architecture is based on proven medical Computed Tomography (CT) technology that resolves today's and tomorrow's challenges facing regulators and airports. The technology behind 920 CT, allows large electronics and liquids to remain in the bag as a result of the highest level of threat detection capability. 920 CT can easily integrate with Rapiscan® Systems security checkpoint Tray Return System (TRS™). The harmonious combination of 920 CT and TRS™ creates a seamless experience for airports by strengthening security, increasing passenger throughput and increasing staff efficiency. In conjunction with an optimal layout it provides the best passenger experience, therefore keeping the checkpoint flowing quickly and efficiently. It is a proven design for maximum passenger throughput with the lowest number of rejected passenger bags.

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FEATURES & BENEFITS PHYSICAL SPECIFICATIONS INDUSTRY LEADING FULL 3D IMAGE RESOLUTION 920 CT’s intuitive GUI design provides the highest On Screen Inspection and Resolution (OSIR) for image analysis of both automated alarms as well as other prohibited items Dimensions: Tunnel Size: Conveyor Speed: Conveyor Load: Conveyor Height: Approx. Weight: System Power: Power Consumption: FULL INTEGRATION Integrates with leading automated tray return and baggage handling systems including Rapiscan® System TRS™ DENSITY THREAT ALARM Alerts operators upon detection of highly dense objects to identify...

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