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Misc. Deice Info Brush Component Identifier Subject: How to measure brush wear in Modular Assembly Insert a 3/32 inch drill bit into the back of the RA2111U Universal module (as shown) and mark the depth on the drill. Note: Make sure module is still installed, or that the Brush is protruding from module at the same distance as it would be installed on the slip ring (Approx. 1/16 Inch). Using a dial caliper measure the length of insertion (Dim. “D”). Module Type Rodded Module: Brush # RA1543-6 Unrodded Module: Brush # RA1543-4 Propeller De-Ice Brush Alignment DIRECTION OF ROTATION BRUSH BLOCK ASSEMBLY CENTER BRUSHES ON SLIP RING THE FULLTHICKNESS OF EACH BRUSH FACE MUST CONTACT THE SLIP RING THROUGHOUT 360° ROTATION Replacements for BFG Style brush blocks: To convert BFG to Rapco part number, drop prefix and add RA plus 100 to part number Brush Block Assy Qty Brush | Location Before installing new de-ice brushes make sure the slip rings are clean and free of any oil. Check to see that the slip rings are smooth and have not separated from the potting material. Proper brush alignment is important to prevent the brush from grounding and to maximize brush life. 1. Make sure that each carbon brush is adjusted so that it is centered on its respective slip ring. 2. The brush modular assembly should be positioned so that it sits at a 2 degree angle lagging the direction of rotation, and 1/16” away from the slip ring at its closest point.

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