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VISION SYSTEMS lU Save Sequence |fl Save Sequence As •O’Add Step Copy Step + t- X. Delete Step Flood Source Analysis TT-NIRI™ Near-Infrared Test Module for TrueTest™ Software Applications Angular measurement for near-infrared (NIR) emitting devices used in facial recognition and other 3D sensing applications Use with the Radiant Near-Infrared (NIR) Intensity Lens integrated camera/lens solution Evaluation of 850 or 940 nm* light sources, measuring radiant intensity across a ±70° distribution at once • Quickly apply pre-defined tests for NIR emission measurement • Characterize emitters in the lab for R&D; use data as a benchmark during production for real-time quality control Capture and measure all angular data points simultaneously for optimal production-line efficiency Software test sequencing and hardware integration allow automated testing for production and end-of-line Easily transition data files within the Radiant family of software * For applications at wavelengths outside of 850 or 940 nm, please speak with a Radiant sales representative. "b1 2) NIR Lens Dot Source Analysis (Region_2_2Thresholded) 33 ■W Radiant Intensity -fifi | X 1il|M1®> Q. p^P. Software module with tests for evaluating near-IR emission patterns and angular distributions Radiant Vision Systems TrueTest™ Software provides a comprehensive set of tests for image analysis within a flexible framework that enables evaluation using a single test, or multiple tests in sequence. Test sequencing and pass/ fail reporting functionality make TrueTest the ideal software package for production environments. TrueTest Software can be combined with a Radiant ProMetric® CCD Radiometer to create a complete testing system for near-infrared (NIR) intensity measurement. The TT-NIRI™ module for TrueTest Software provides a test suite to efficiently perform high-resolution angular measurement of NIR light distributions, as well as dots in structured light patterns produced by diffractive optical elements (DOE). Extensive data analysis and display functions are included: isometric plots, cross-sectional graphs, radar plots, and bitmaps. Radiant Vision Systems 18640 NE 67th Ct. Redmond, WA 98052 USA General Inquiries: Technical Support: Website: T: +1 425 844-0152 Copyright © 2020 Radiant Vision Systems LLC

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TT-NIRI™ System Requirements • NIR Intensity Lens solution • Windows® 10, 64 bit • 16-32 GB RAM • Additional system requirements vary by camera. See hardware specification sheet for more information. Dot Source Analysis Flood Source Analysis Points of Interest Image Export Examples of TT-NIRI analyses: Test Library TT-NIRI includes tests for near-infrared (NIR) laser and LED measurement: Total Flux (mW or W) POI Total Power Max Power Pixel Solid Angle Inclination Solid Angle Captures highly accurate emission measurements reported in radiant intensity (as a function of angle). Dot Source...

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