INSPECT™ R1 Software Toolkit for Advanced Machine Vision Inspection


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Automated Visual Inspection Software Applications • Challenging visual inspection tasks beyond the capacity of traditional machine vision • Inspecting surfaces for dings, dents, scratches, finish nonuniformity, and other cosmetic defects • From lab to production Benefits • Build and implement a tailored solution for unique evaluation needs • Leverages the high resolution, high-sensitivity images of ProMetric® imaging systems for inspection applications Key Features • Simultaneously inspect multiple diverse features • Highly programmable software with sophisticated image analysis functions Powerful toolkit for advanced machine vision surface inspection solutions The INSPECT™ R1 platform is a flexible set of tools that address a wide variety of visual inspection challenges using user-defined workflows. Combined with ProMetric® high-resolution, low-noise imaging systems from Radiant Vision Systems, the programmable INSPECT software detects subtle, low-contrast defects on surfaces such as metal or glass and ensures finish uniformity. Human visual perception determines acceptable tolerances for cosmetic defects, but human inspectors are costly and subject to fatigue and inconsistency. Traditional machine vision systems can automate inspection, but fall short on sensitivity to identify subtle defects and determine severity. The INSPECT R1 solution leverages imaging systems with the visual acuity of human perception while offering the advantages of automation and repeatability. With INSPECT R1 tools, users can apply the power of scientificgrade imaging systems to address uniquely challenging visual inspection tasks using in-house resources and with full control of the resulting intellectual property (IP). The INSPECT R1 workflow engine supports rapid prototyping that readily transitions to production line applications. With a ProMetric Y-series imaging system and INSPECT R1, multiple surface or device attributes can be assessed in the same image, both intentional (e.g., logos and icons) and not (e.g., dings, dents, and scratches, or finish non-uniformity) to ensure quality. Radiant Vision Systems 18640 NE 67th Ct. Redmond, WA 98052 USA General Inquiries: Technical Support: Website: Copyright © 2021 Radiant Vision Systems LLC All Rights Re

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INSPECT™ R1 Advanced Machine Vision Software INSPECT R1 Advantages • Radiant’s scientific-grade imaging systems provide higher resolution and higher sensitivity than traditional machine vision cameras. • Better image quality enables more detailed and precise data for identifying and classifying defects, with consistency and repeatability. • Flexible software enables user-created solutions that address visual inspection challenges in labs or during production. Specifications INSPECT R1 Software A specialized tool for automated machine vision solution development, INSPECT R1 provides flexible...

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