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NSX ARINC 600 - 1

Our Most Important Connection is with You.™ NSX ARINC 600 Power and Performance

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NSX ARINC 600 - 2

Radiall’s NSX Arinc 600 series has been used for more than 30 years to connect high performance aeronautical equipment. To address new challenges, strong competition and changing regulations, Radiall has designed a new generation of Arinc 600 connectors to meet aersopace market demands without compromising performance or reliability. Radiall’s expanded product offering of cost effective RoHS compliant NSX Arinc 600 connectors includes new selectively plated contacts and cost effective inserts. Fully qualified under Arinc 600 specifications and integrated to the widest range of Arinc 600...

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NSX ARINC 600 - 3

High performance at a reduced cost Discover Radiall’s wide range of Arinc 600 connectors with proven technology at a reduced cost. Drop in replacement with selectively plated gold contacts With up to 800 size 22 contacts per connector, the first step in achieving connector cost savings while keeping contact removability is to reduce the amount of gold used on non-active areas. Gold Selective Plating provides the same level of conductivity and performance as fully plated contacts while improving price stability. Offering up to 10% connector savings vs the same connector configuration with...

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NSX ARINC 600 - 4

Radiall’s re-designed NSX Arinc 600 offers high speed connection and RoHS compliance at a competitive price. A high performance green connector series Surtec™ 650V is QPL qualified per MIL-DTL-81706B, type II, class 3 and of hexavalent chromium, which is part of substances banned by RoHS directives. This unique solution is fully intermateable with existing Alodine® connectors while maintaining the same level of performance. Surtec™ 650 V provides a unique blue-grey coloring which guarantees proper RoHS plating. Materials & Environmental Performance Radiall’s complete NSX connector range...

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NSX ARINC 600 - 5

Wide product range designed for high speed connection Radiall offers a large range of NSX (Arinc 600) connector solutions. Optical inserts Quadrax inserts Quadrax – Fiber Optic Adapters Size 8 Adapters will allow to turn any quadrax cavity into a Fiber Optic link. Quadrax LuxCis Adapters EN 4531-101 for Quadrax size 8 cavity Backshell Whether it’s a need for strain relief or EMI shielding, Radiall’s new NSX Arinc 600 backshells compliments the comprehensive range of existing Arinc 600 connectors. • Available for size 1, 2 and 3 connectors, • Unique adapter plate allows for a perfect...

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NSX ARINC 600 - 6

Area Offices Local Contacts It’s not just a slogan. It’s a statement of our earnest desire to put you at the forefront of all our business practices. As part of Radiall’s mission to be available and accessible, we make it a priority to have local offices around the globe ready and able to assist you – wherever you are, whenever you need us. important connection is with you.™ Europe Address FINLAND - Radiall Finland FRANCE - Radiall SA 25 Rue Madeleine Vionnet - 93300 Aubervilliers EMAIL GERMANY - Radiall GmbH ITALY - Radiall Elettronica S.R.L Carl-Zeiss Str. 10 - D 63322...

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