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Manipulación de Carga Aérea (Air Cargo - AC)


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OPTICAL INTERCONNECT SOLUTIONS End-to-end Solutions Designed for Space OPTICAL INTERCONNECT SOLUTIONS FOR SPACE APPLICATIONS Radiall is excited to introduce a wide range of optical end-to-end solutions designed for the space market. Our complete range of products is backed by our long-term experience and expertise in the space market. Radiall is a community of dedicated individuals with a shared purpose: simplify life for those who innovate. OPTICAL FIBERS LINKS Since 1952, we have been enabling With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing fiber optic solutions, Radiall delivers high-quality harnesses and complex optical systems including D-Lightsys® active devices, ruggedized fiber optic interconnect solutions and multipin connectors. We provide psolutions that meet space market requirements with: technology and innovation through collaboration with our customers. The result is a range of innovative and award-winning products that customers trust for unrivaled repeatability and performance. For support contact: Lightweight and small design Material with low outgassing Immunity to EMI and RFI Resistance to radiation Design to delivery of high-end optical systems • Simplex and multichannel assemblies • Designed by Radiall or built-to-print • Field kits, test and maintenance solution

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OPTOELECTRONIC CONVERTERS • Complete range of high-performance optoelectronic Active Optics by D-Lightsys® • Fully qualified for harsh environments: DO-160, MIL-STD, ARINC 804 • Lowest power consumption (<50 mW/ch Gbps) • Smallest form factor for single channel and multichannel modules (6.5 mm2/ch/Gbps) • Protocol independent and large bandwidth per channel (from DC to 10 Gbps) • Flying since 2007 • Various packages and form factors available (LCC, Socketed, SFF, others) • Free space version for Board-to-Board contactless data link OPTICAL INTERCONNECT SOLUTIONS Q-MTitan™ ARINC 846:...

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