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Our Most Important Connection is with You.™ FIBER OPTIC ACTIVE OPTICS Fiber Optic Products Full Line Catalog

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Connectivity has a profound and dramatic impact on the lives of people throughout the world. Because of advancements in technology, our lives are more convenient, more secure, more enjoyable and richer than ever. The speed of data enables communication in the most remote areas so people can reach all corners of the globe, allows for important defense and security, and facilitates space exploration. But technology doesn’t just happen. It starts in the mind with ideas, making connections never considered in ways that nobody dreamed possible. Seeing the future in ways previously unimagined is...

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Cable Assemblies, Harnesses and Optical Systems 9 Go online for data sheets & assembly instructions. Radlall'X* Visit and enter the part number.

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Company Profile Our Most Important Connection is with You™ Radiall is a global leader in the design, development and manufacturing of leading edge interconnect solutions. Dedicated to understanding its customers’ needs since 1952, Radiall has earned the reputation of being “the best of the best” in engineering ingenuity by providing a constant flow of creative system solutions serving the defense, telecommunications, aerospace, instrumentation, automotive, industrial, medical and broadcast markets. Best Value-added Services Collaboration: We work closely with your engineers to understand...

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Worldwide Presence Radiall has a global manufacturing presence. Our International sales network and qualified distributors cover every region around the world. The result is quick and insightful answers to all your requests. • International Sales Network • Low cost facilities • Local manufacturing, logistics and technical support Market Focus Radiall Technologies • Milling • Plating & plastic metallization • Molding • Characterization • Polishing • Laser, ultrasonic, vapor, soldering • Stamping • Thin & thick film processes • Etching on Si • Thick film on AlN • Test & measurement •...

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RF Coaxial Connectors Radial! proudly offers the widest range of RF Coaxial Connectors in the Industry with over 12,000 part numbers and 72 product series including AEP® Mil QPL connectors. These precision-made components are a significant part of our heritage and essential to who we are. RF & Microwave Switches All Radiall switches provide exceptional reliability and performance. A unique modular and patented design of the actuator and transmission link enables Radiall to guarantee operation up to 10 million cycles with excellent repeatability while reducing delivery times. Microwave...

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Packaging Shipping information Unless otherwise stated, shipping lead times may vary depending on the location and time zone in which products are stocked or manufactured. The packaging defines the container of first level of a product. Radiall offers five types of standard packaging. Labeling Labeling has an important role in packaging. It has to supply all the necessary information in a clear and concise way. All of our packages are identified with the Radiall name, part number, lot number and quantity. Blister tray DEDICATED TO LARGER CONNECTORS ABILITY TO STACK SEVERAL TRAYS WITHOUT...

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Packaging Unit packaging All connectors can be ordered in unit bags. It is an individual tear-proof polyethylene bag, which holds the connector and all of the component parts for that connector. Pre-cut unit bag (no cutting tool required to open) unit bag Unit packaging must be specified when ordering: add « W » at the end of the part number (except for adapters and specific products). Blister bulk pack FOR MULTI-PART PRODUCTS IDEAL FOR IN THE FIELD ASSEMBLY This bulk packaging is suitable for small connectors Radiall offers four types of blister bulk pack depending on the configuration of...

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Radiall Optical Connection Radiall Fiber Optic Timeline • End-to-End Radiall designs, manufactures and markets high performance fiber optic components and end-to-end optical systems for the most demanding applications for the industrial, 0 defense, and aerospace industries. 2008 Acquisition of D-lightsys, an innovative high-tech start-up specialized in optoelectronic components for harsh environments. Radiall reinforced its position as an innovative leader for optoelectronic interconnection components. 2013 Radiall New Haven (USA) is a new design center for Fiber Optics to support our...

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Radiall Optic Revolution Lighter, Smaller, Higher Performance, More Cost Effective, More Secure From theory to practical applications, fiber optic technology has advanced tremendously in terms of performance, quality, reliability, and versatility. The quality of today’s glass fiber, combined with improved system electronics, enables fiber to transmit digitized light signals hundreds of kilometers. With low transmission losses, low interference, and high bandwidth potential, optical fiber is the ideal transmission medium. Fiber optic benefits: Looking Forward High bandwidth Very lightweight...

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Go online for data sheets & assembly instructions.

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* cable or connector dependent Go online for data sheets & assembly instructions. Radiall Visit and enter the part number.

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LuxCis® ARINC 801 Contacts F725 Our Most Important Connection is with You.

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Go online for data sheets & assembly instructions. Visit and enter the part number. SECTION 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS Our Most Important Connection is with You.™

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Our Most Important Connection is with You.™ Introduction Fiber optic solutions constantly face new challenges and more demanding specifications. - Fiber optic components need to be lighter, smaller, more performant and withstand tougher operational conditions - Optical systems also need to be easy to implement with minimum maintenance To fully address these needs, Radiall offers the LuxCis® ARINC 801 product range, a proven flexible and always expanding fiber optic interconnect solution for MultiMode and SingleMode PC and APC applications in aerospace and other harsh environments. Flying...

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