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Tha Wa/Jd'a j'jJaai PvppJas -SjparipJujja,; Jjnp/v'Jad SPORT 2S Featuring strutted wings, a wider cockpit, rugged aluminum steerable nose wheel, and larger wheels, the Sport 2S combines the many suggestions and comments of Quicksilver enthusiasts and professionals with Quicksilver's extensive design, engineering, and R&D testing to fulfill that goal. The wider cockpit and ample leg and headroom make the Sport 2S comfortable to fly for all sizes of pilots.

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O Rotax 582, 65ftp, Water-Cooled, Dual Carb, Dual Ignition, Engine © Rugged Aluminum Steerable Nose Wheel o Wider Tail Boom Accommodates Up to 72" Propeller O Easy-to-Assemble Kit (Average 60 to 80 Hours) Q Increased Room in the Cockpit 1 Extra Ribs and Mylar Leading Edge Insert lor Extra Firm Airfoil 2 Tubular-Braced Tail 3 68" to 72” Propeller for More Thrust With Less Noise 4 Conventional 3-Axis Controls 5 Even Wider Cabin for Greater Pilot Comfort 6 Main Wheel Brakes 7 Double Surface Wings with Streamlined Struts Length Height Wingspan Wing area Wing loading Power loading Seats Takeoff...

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