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The GT500 is the first aircraft to receive FAA Type Certification in the Primary Aircraft Sport Plane category, proving that Quicksilver is the light plane industry leader. The GT500 is remarkably docile and easy to fly. The dual three-axis controls are responsive without sacrificing low speed stability. The adjustable trim and flaps allow for positive slow flight and gentle stalls at about 30 mph. Only 140 feet are required for the take-off roll. With the available options you can easily customize your GT 500 to suit an almost endless variety of applications. The GT500 was created using CAD/CAM design and engineering techniques for which engineers have won awards and it has the most extensive RSD testing in the industry. O Full Size Shock Mounted Instrumental Panel © Disc Brakes, 6 inch spun aluminum wheels and 4 ply tires © Three Blade Carbon Fiber Propeller (with Ground Adjustable Pitch.) Q Delivered in Easy-to-Assemble Kit (Average 180 to 200 Hours) Q 3 Engine Options Available ROTAX 582 UL R0TAX912 UL R0TAX912S UL

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FLOATS AVIONICS BALLISTIC PARACHUTE CROP DUSTING SYSTEM 1 Double Surface Wings 2 3 Position Flaps 3 Dual CDI Ignition 4 Disc Brakes 5 Adjustable Pilot Seats 6 Dual 3-Axis Controls 7 Removable Doors: Can be Flown with the Doors On or Off 8 Tapered Wing THE GT 500 STARTS PERFORMING AS SOON AS IT’S OUT OF THE BOX Even though it is Quicksilver's most sophisticated aircraft, the CT 500 takes only about 180 to 200 hours fora first time builder to assemble. You will not need to do any welding, glueing, fiberglass lay-up, or parts fabrication. You can easily do the job with ordinary hand toois in...

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