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• Take-off weight: 7.4 kg / 16.3 lb • Flight time: • Flight time: • Cruise speed: – 15 m/s 0 • Wind speed: • Wind speed: • Mesh IP encrypted data link

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THE NEXT GENERATION OF eVTOL FIXED-WING UAS The mathematical definition of a vector fits very well for the latest UAV from Quantum-Systems. It can face any direction: upwards, forwards or downwards. That’s exactly what Vector from Quantum-Systems is capable to do: vertical take-off, energy efficient long range fixed wing flight and back to a vertical landing. All automatic, no pilot or operator input needed. 15+ km. A flight time of up to 120 minutes speaks for itself. All combined in a compact and robust electric VTOL UAS. 2IN1 – The 2in1 System design opens up further applications with...

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eVTOL FIXED-WING 15–20m/s / 29–39kn CRUISE SPEED SCORPION™ TRI-COPTER Mission ready in less than 2 minutes, only one operator needed • ayload & all general P parts with quick lockmechanism (No tools needed) • iber reinforced airframe F and shock absorbing landing gear • ophisticated cooling S system for data link & electronics • etachable gimbal D • esh IP encrypted data M link with a range of 15+ km • eated batteries for cold H t

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SELECT YOUR UAS MISSION SCENARIO Providing information for tactical and military decision makers is only one possible use case for Vector & Scorpion. Critical information is also vital in scenarios where the advanced EO & IR sensors provide a significant benefit for rescue and emergency services. SEARCH AND RESCUE MOUNTAIN RESCUE Use the Vector's long range sensing capabilities to detect The robust construction of the Vector is a proper foundation missing people. for operation under harsh environmental conditions. TRAFFIC INVESTIGATION AND SURVEILLANCE The general overview from the air of a...

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