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Pratt & Whitney's JT8D and JT8D-200 series - 1

Pratt & WhitneyA United Technologies Company Contact: Media Relations Tel: 860-565-9600 Web site: Pratt & Whitney’s JT8D and JT8D-200 series Pratt & Whitney's JT8D and JT8D-200 series engines are the most popular modern commercial engines ever made. More than 14,000 of them have been built, amassing more than half a billion hours of reliable service since 1964. The JT8D is the workhorse powerplant for the airline industry. More than 350 operators use the JT8D to power more than 4500 aircraft - nearly a third of the world's commercial fleet. By setting the industry standard for low maintenance cost, the JT8D helps make Boeing 727's, 737-200's, and McDonnell Douglas DC-9's and MD-80'sthe most economic aircraft to own and operate. The eight models that make up the JT8D family cover a thrust range from 14,000 to 17,000 pounds. The newer JT8D-200 series offers 18,500 to 21,700 pounds of thrust, and is the exclusive power for the popularMD-80 series aircraft. The JT8D-200 builds on the family's excellent reliability and low maintenance costs while meeting noise and emissions regulations. It entered service in 1980. Engine Characteristics Fan tip diameter: 54.0 inches Length, flange to flange: 168.6 inches Takeoff thrust: 21,000 pounds of thrust Flat rated temperature: 84 degrees F Bypass ratio: 1.74-to-1 Overall pressure ratio: 18.2 to 19.4 Fan pressure ratio: 1.91 Program Milestones February 1964 - JT8D/Boeing727 revenue service December 1965 - JT8D/DC-9 revenue service February 1968 - JT8D/Boeing737 revenue service October 1980 - JT8D-200 revenue service September 1996 - FAA approval of JT8D-200 re-engined Boeing 727

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Pratt & Whitney's JT8D and JT8D-200 series - 2

November 1996 - Commercial Boeing 707 re-engine program begins July 1999 - Certification begins for 707 re-engining December 1999 - Environment Kit (EKIT) certified Engine Models JT8D-standard JT8D-217/219 Airplanes Powered Boeing 727 Boeing 737-100/-200 McDonnell Douglas DC-9 Boeing MD-80 Super 27 Re-engining program

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