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Introducing the GP7200 The Engine Alliance, a 50/50 joint venture between General Electric Aviation and Pratt & Whitney, was established in 1996 to develop, manufacture, sell and support a family of advanced technology engines for new high capacity, long range aircraft. The result is the fuel efficient GP7200 for the Airbus A380. A Great Heritage The GP7200 is derived from two of the most successful wide body engines in aviation history - the GE90 and the PW4000. These engines demonstrated industry leading ETOPS reliability from entry into service and have logged over 250 million hours of superior performance. Building on the GE90 core and the PW4000 low spool heritage, the GP7200 is a refined derivative with a responsible infusion of new technologies. Exceeding Expectations Since entering service on August 1 2008, the GP7200 has met or exceeded all performance expectations: • Most fuel efficient engine on the A380 • Quietest engine on the A380 • Meets CAEP/6 emissions limits with margin • 99.9% departure reliability • No in-flight shutdowns Supported By The Strongest Aftermarket Service Providers On The Planet The Engine Alliance combines the resources of GE Engine Services and Pratt & Whitney Aftermarket Services to offer A380 customers a "Total Business Solution": • Flexible Fleet Management Agreements (FMAs) • Material By the Hour (MBTH) including full repair development • Spare Engine leasing • On-wing support logistics ...all integrated by state of the art e-business customer portals. Program Milestones_ Aug. 1996 - GP7000 Program Launch Nov. 2006 - A380/GP7200 First Flight Dec. 2000 - A380 Program Launch Dec. 2007 - FAA & EASA Aircraft Type Certification Dec. 2002 - Start GP7200 Detailed Design Aug. 2008 - A380/GP7200 EIS with Emirates Feb. 2004 - First GP7200 to Test Oct. 2009 - A380/GP7200 EIS with Air France

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Engine Specifications For more information visit the Engine Alliance home page at

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