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PST21D - 1

AC-DC Conduction Cooled 85-264Vac, 47-440Hz Input voltage ranges , PFC 100-350 Vdc input voltage operation 1 isolated output Active very low inrush current limiting circuit 165*61*35mm very low profile Industrial or ruggedizzed for hard environment Many output configurations available Conduction cooled 100°C baseplate Safety IEC/EN 62368-1, RoHS lead-free-solder compliant RoHS The PST21D, very compact and low profile AC-DC power supply in chassis format, incorporates input filtering, input and output protections, very robust mechanical mounting and connection, optional conformal coating and MIL-STD options required in most of the severe environment for industrial, defense applications. The PSU provides high reliability thanks to the integration of Vicor Corp. modules, high efficiency, input-to-output isolation, soft start and active very low inrush current limitation, overtemperature protection and input over/undervoltage lockout. The PSU is configurable in many output voltages from 2V to 48Vdc, other possibilities are even possible as semi-standard versions, they are countinuously short-circuit proof. The 100°C baseplate operation allows operation in high temperature environment. Bloc diagram EMI Filtering and transient protection Power Factor Correction Circuit PFC and Inrush Control Board secondary side signals Active Inrush limiting Carte commande CDPFCC Schéma électrique CDPFCC Primary Inhibition Vicor DC-DC INIBS- Power conversion train

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PST21D - 2

Options Description MIL-STD ruggedized (-M) Meet MIL-STD 461E CE102, MIL-STD 1399-300A, MIL-STD810E shock & vibrations. No Laboratory certification. -40°C operation (-T) The thermal grade of the Vicor the DC/DC converters used and other components are changed to comply with low ambiant temperature. Conformal coating (-V) During manufacturing process , when V option is specified, components and pcb are covered with an acrylic coating to address high level of ambiant humidity application. Heatsink (-H, -H1) -H: a 15 mm heatsink is mounted on the baseplate with longitudinal fins. -H1: a 15 mm...

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PST21D - 3

Input power brake at 115Vac 100% Load - PST21D-28150 Inrush current at 115Vac - PST21D-28150 Input power brake at 230Vac 100% Load - PST21D-28150 Inrush current at 230Vac - PST21D-28150 f^^_OutputElectrical Output Data General conditions : 25°C ambiant. For each output voltage, max power configuration. PST21D is based on Micro Module 75W or 150W

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PST21D - 4

Parallel operation & current share Hold up time at 230VAC, 100% load - PST21D-28150 Parrallel operation is possible between different units but there is no active current sharing signal vailable on the PST21D, please use PST21C if needed. Output external circuit has to be used (risk of damage otherwise). Redundant Systems Operation When systems require a very high level of reliability and should work normally in the event of a failure, N+1 redundancy is implemented where N is the number of converter to support power requirement. If one converter fails, the remaining ones still delivers the...

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PST21D - 5

Output Voltage Adjustment (ADJ) A potentiometer at the output side allows output voltage variation from -10% to +10% of Vnom. The TRIM signal allows output voltage to be adjusted by an external voltage 1,15 to 1,25Vmax voltage referred to -OUT. Extended range of adjustment down to -50% can be considered as semi standard product, consult factory. Remote Senses (+S -S) There is no remote sense functionnality integrated in the PST21D for compensation of voltage drop across the connector contacts and the load lines. Remote Sense can be done by an external circuit acting on the TRIM signal....

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PST21D - 6

Note : Built to meet EN 61000-4 -3, -6, -11, Harmonics EN 61000-3-2, Flickers EN 61000-3-3 According to the configuration and revision, EMI results could change. External filter may be required to meet EN55022A or B and MIL-STD461E CE102.

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PST21D - 7

Immunity to Environmental Conditions Test method Damp Heat Shock Vibrations Test conditions Status Option (-V), built to meet Option (-M), built to meet Option (-M), built to meet Mechanical data Size : 165 x 61 x 35 mm. Aluminum Natural . Weight : 415g without heatsink Note: the datasheet Rev01 and above are based on the product PST21D IND04 revisions. Sauf indication contraire les côtes sont en mm / All cotations are in mm C Copyright Power System Technology Ce document est la propriété de Power System Technology et ne peut être ni reproduit, ni communiqué à des tiers sans l'accord écrit...

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PST21D - 8

Sauf indication contraire les côtes sont en mm / All cotations are in mm C Copyright Power System Technology Ce document est la propriété de Power System Technology et ne peut être ni reproduit, ni communiqué à des tiers sans l'accord écrit d'une personne dûment mandatée par ladite société This document is property of Power System Technology. It may not be copied or shown to anyone without prior approval of that company. Dessiné par / Drawn by Date Power System Technology ZA la Paillerie Tel : 02 33 83 94 94 61340 Berd'Huis Fax : 02 33 83 94 95 E-mail :

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PST21D - 9

Connector Pin Allocation Pin Allocation -IP option PST21D - IP version - Connector Pin Allocation Input Connector AMPHENOL SOCAPEX - 45107A106P50 Input referenced Inhibit Input referenced Inhibit RTN Output Connector AMPHENOL SOCAPEX -45107A12-14S50 B Secondary referenced Inhibit Secondary referenced Inhibit TRIM PGOOD- Output Voltage Adjustment Output OK Signal Emittor Output OK Signal Collector

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PST21D - 10

power system TECHNOLOGY These converters are components, intended exclusively for integration into other equipment by an industrial assembly process or by a professionally competent person. Installation must strictly follow the safety regulations in respect of the enclosure, mounting, creepage and clearance distances, markings of the end-use application. Connection to the system shall be made via the male connector Wurth. The AC/L is internally fused. This fuse is designed to protect the converter against overcurrent caused by a failure, but may not be able to satisfy all requirements....

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