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140 KVA AC GROUND POWER UNIT • Remote fault Diagnosis – Standard Scope. • Highly reliable Deutz Diesel engine. • Meets latest EPA norms. • Digital System - Field tested proven system. - Ensured safety to Aircraft. - Total Digital Monitoring of engine and output parameters. • Walk Away – Protection (Un attended Operation) • Low Noise level. • Meets MIL and ARP Standards. The Most Reliable Aircraft GSE

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Rated Output Engine Alternator 140 KVA at 0.8 PF Lagging DEUTZ DIESEL / equivalent MAK / Equivalent brushless, 3 phase, constant voltage alternator with built in AVR. Class F / H Voltage unbalance Voltage regulation Voltage modulation phase 4 wire system. 115V (Line to Neutral) and 200V (Line to Line). a. 1% at balanced load. b. Within 4% with 1/3rd load on one phase with two other phases unloaded. ±1% ±0.5% Voltage transient ±20% and recovery to within ±1% of the steady state value in 150 milli seconds. Phase difference Frequency Freq. regulation Freq. modulation Freq. transient & recovery...

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