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Sinterflo® Sintered Metal Filter Cartridges and Elements World Class Filtration Solutions

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Sintered Metal Filter Cartridges and Elements Porvair Filtration Group Porvair Filtration Group is an international leader in the development and supply of materials and products for applications in filtration and separation. Porvair manufacture in both the UK and USA and have an extensive network of sales offices and distribution channels throughout the world. Our expertise is wide and varied spanning over 30 years, with products used in markets such as: • Water Treatment • Porous Media and Materials Our ongoing success is based on a dedication to technical excellence and superior customer...

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Porvair Filtration Group manufacture a range of industry standard stainless steel filter cartridges suitable for use in a wide range of industries, including petrochemical. The robustness of design, that is provided by a fully welded metallic element or cartridge, is required to resist deterioration in harsh operating environments where the fluids present are aggressive, high temperatures are experienced or where the operating differential pressures are high. For some filtration applications, the use of a conventional disposable polymeric cartridge may simply be environmentally unacceptable...

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Sinterflo® F Sintered Metal Fibre Sinterflo® P Sintered Metal Powder Manufactured from random laid metal fibres, sinter bonded to form a uniform high porosity filter medium, Sinterflo® F offers: A robust filter material manufactured from sinter bonded metal powders, Sinterflo® P offers: • low permeability, but extremely robust construction • low clean and operating pressure drops • depth filtration • excellent cleanability and dirt holding capacity • high resistance to corrosion • long life • minimal maintenance costs • self supporting construction eliminating the need for additional...

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Sinterflo® M Metal Mesh Sinterflo® MC Sintered Metal Composite Precision woven meshes in various types of weaves from plain square mesh to Dutch (Hollander) Twill Weave to give the most defined absolute rating. Sinterflo M offers: • plain square weave for simple sieving duties through various weave patterns (Reverse Plain Dutch, Broad Mesh Twill and Single Plain Weave) to Dutch Twill Weave to provide for the most comprehensive selection of surface filtration duties. • good permeability • high tensile strength • available from single wrap designs through to complex multi-layered structures...

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Maximum continuous: Double Open Ended Fitting Materials of Manufacture 316L stainless steel standard. 304L stainless steel, Inconel®, Hastelloy®, Monel®, NiCrMo Alloy 59 and FeCrAl Alloy on request or by process selection. Additional alloys are available on request. Cartridge Dimensions Diameter*: 66mm (2.6") as standard. Lengths*: 125mm (5"), 250mm (10" ), 498mm (20"), 745mm (30") and 1012mm (40"). *Other diameters and non-standard lengths available on request. Effective Filtration Area (per 10" length) Pleated cartridge: 0.13m2 (1.40ft2) Gaskets and O-Rings EPDM as standard....

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Product Innovation, Manufacturing, Testing and Quality Porvair Filtration Group has a policy of continuous improvement in all areas of its business. Listening to the customers’ present and future requirements is a vital part of our operations and a key part of driving change. We understand that product development involves building multidiscipline teams, not only within the company, but often in partnership with our customers, improving project efficiency and ensuring complete customer satisfaction. This continuous development of products and materials is vital, to enable us to offer new...

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Porvair Filtration Group Ltd. Queensway Stem Lane, New Milton, Hampshire, BH25 5NN, UK Tel: +44 (0)1425 612010 Email: Porvair Filtration India PVT. Ltd. Gangotri Glacier Annex, Kavesar Opposite Vijay Nagari, Off Ghodbunc Thane (W), 400607, India Tel: +91 22 25 976464 / +91 22 25 97 Email: Porvair Filtration Group Inc. 301 Business Lane Ashland, Virginia 23005, USA Tel: +1 804 550 1600 Email: Porvair Filtration Group Chengdong Area Square Industrial Park, North District Xiaonan Economic Development...

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