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Inprinta In-line and Last Chance Filters Since 1991 Inprinta have designed and manufactured a wide range of in-line and last chance filters to offer solutions for inkjet filtration throughout the body of the printer. These self-contained filter assemblies are provided as solutions for all types of inkjet applications from CIJ coding to superwide graphics. Our filter assemblies are produced from a list of inert materials with minimal extractables to ensure ink will not be contaminated. They are compact to allow fitting in the smallest of printer housing, and come with a varying range of connectors. All our filters are designed and built in the UK and exhibit superior flow characteristics and minimum pressure drop levels which ensure consistent reliable printing performance with maximised printhead protection. Superior materials, design and construction provide the filter with a long service life. • Filters are pressure tested to ensure complete integrity. • aterials include: stainless steel, polypropylene, acetal, peek, M nylon, PTFE. • tandard operating temperatures from 0ºC to 50ºC S (32ºF to 122ºF. • 6bar (87psi) operating pressure. • Minimal pressure differential. Features and Benefits • Multiple connectors. • Variable sizes. Filter Efficiency Technical Information Filter media Polypropylene, stainless steel mesh and metal fibre (PES/nylon/PTFE available on request) General Introduction • Filters have removal efficiencies from 0.2µm to 100µm. Inprinta in-line and last chance filters are self contained, ready to use, disposable devices. Filter bodies are manufactured from a range of plastics and metals to provide filters that are safe, inert, durable and strong. For the many inkjet systems in the market, we provide a wide range of connectors allowing for quick, simple and clean changeovers. Jaco®, luer and barb connectors are all available in a variety of configurations. • Filters provide a high dirt holding capacity. High quality filter media will guarantee critical printhead protection down to <1µm in fluids. Also within this range of filters are our air filters. These sub-micron barriers will ensure pure filtered air with no risk of liquids or contaminants. Filtration technology Filters are manufactured utilising a host of different materials. Polymeric membranes, stainless steel mesh and metal fibre are all offered within the product range. All filters will provide barriers to foreign bodies or aggregates within the ink system. Where air filters are used, hydrophobic membranes of 0.2µm are offered as standard. This ensures dirty air and liquids are cleared from the system. A variety of filtration media is offered throughout the range of last chance and in-line filters, this includes; polypropylene, nylon, polyethylene, stainless steel mesh and metal fibre. Filter housing material Polypropylene, stainless steel, peek and acetal Filter housing colour White, black or natural (other colours available on request) Filter Media • Filters rated to 2000 hours.* Inlet/Outlet Styles • Filters are manufactured to provide a low differential pressure value. Stainless Steel Mesh Filter area Maximum operating pressure Metal Fibre Please see individual datasheets. 6bar (87psi) Operating temperature Filter dimensions Strength and Durability Filtration rating starts at sub 1µm for the most refined liquids and increase up to 100µm. Filters are designed to work efficiently with both dye and pigment based fluids and our filtration media is compatible with all standards inkjet fluids: solvent, UV and waterbased. This full product offering gives every conceivable choice to the consumer. Filter housings are engineered specifically for the stresses on inkjet. High strength plastics, such as peek, and stainless steel housings offered by Inprinta are some of the strongest and most durable in the market. Materials of the highest grade are resistant to all standard solvent and UV fluids and the design and construction will provide a long service life. Filter barriers are constructed from high grade materials before being welded into the filter housing to give a fully integrated filter assembly. The final assembly is designed to allow maximum through-flow with minimal pressure drop across the filter path. • Various colours for simple visual inspection. • Excellent particle barrier. • Zero shedding. • Many filter media options. • UV and solvent compatible. • A wide range of

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Microdisc™ 1PA (15mm S-Vent Disc Filter) 8163 (Female luer/male syringe connector; 0.2 micron rating; natural housing). Contact us For further information on our product range or manufacturing services, please contact Inprinta on the details below: Microdisc™ 2PA (25mm S-Vent Disc Filter) 8164 (Female luer/male syringe connector; 0.2 micron rating; natural housing). Microdisc™ 3PS (33mm Disc Filter) Microdisc™ 3SS (30mm Stainless Steel Filter) Micron Ratings Micron Ratings Housings Microdisc™ 4SS (47mm Stainless Steel Filter) Microdisc™ 4PS (45mm Standard Disc Filter) Micron Ratings Micron...

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