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Infusion Grade PP Honeycomb < Infusion Grade PP Honeycomb Closed Molding Lite RTM and Vacuum Infusion • • • Higher, More Consistent Quality Parts Lower Employee Turnover Eliminates VOC Emissions Lower Material Costs Higher Production Rates Infusion Grade PP Honeycomb is designed specifically for optimum performance in Lite RTM and Infusion Processes. Infusion Grade PP Honeycomb is a preferred core in incredibly strong and stiff sandwich structures made with resin and reinforcing fibers. Lightweight, low in density and very cost-effective, Infusion Grade PP Honeycomb gives composite manufacturers the ability to produce costeffective sandwich structures where high stiffness and low weight are design priorities. An Easier Process for Higher Quality Parts — Over and Over Again. 1 Install reinforcements and Infusion Grade PP Honeycomb 4 Demold after resin cures Close and seal mold Trim part Inject room temperature curing infusion grade resin 6 Finish trim and assemble part as required Find out if Closed Molding is right for you. Call 800-630-9257 or visit © 2010 Plascore, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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