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M600 - 1

Standard Equipped List Price CABIN CLASS, SINGLE-ENGINE, PRESSURIZED TURBOPROP A leader in acquisition and operating costs, the Piper M600 leaves nothing to be desired among dedicated aviators. Impressive 600 shp, touchscreen-controlled avionics, advanced safety features, extraordinary range, and increased speed and payload make the M600 a true business aircraft. RANGE WITH 45 MIN RESERVE Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-42A Horsepower: Flat Rated at 600 shp TBO: 3,600 hours Hot Section Inspection: 1,800 hours 274 ktas Cruise 257 ktas Cruise 184 ktas Cruise Hartzell 4-Blade Constant Speed | Reversible Diameter: 82.5 in | 210 cm Max Takeoff Weight: 6,000 lbs | 2,722 kg Max Ramp Weight: 6,050 lbs | 2,744 kg Standard Equipped Weight: 3,650 lbs | 1,656 kg Standard Useful Load: 2,400 lbs | 1,089 kg Max Cruise Speed: 274 ktas | 507 km/h Vmo Speed: 250 kcas | 463 km/h MAXIMUM APPROVED ALTITUDE TAKEOFF DISTANCE Total Over 50 ft Obstacle: 2,635 ft | 803 m LANDING DISTANCE Total Over 50 ft Obstacle: 2,659 ft | 810 m CABIN PRESSURIZATION Maximum Cabin Differential: 5.6 psi FUEL CAPACITY, USABLE 260 US gal | 984 liters *Fly-Away-Factory (F.A.F.) Vero Beach, FL – dealer delivery and local taxes extra.

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M600 - 2

AVIONICS EQUIPMENT OPTIONS $ 150: SurfaceWatch 5,778 AWARENESS PACKAGE $ 215: 110 volt AC Power Outlet (Cabin and cockpit) 6,502 235: Jeppesen ChartView ASSURANCE $4,707 PACKAGE PREMIUM PACKAGE Garmin G3000 Avionics Suite with Autopilot Enhanced AFCS and Synthetic Vision: Dual 12” PFDs Single 12” MFD Dual GTC 575 Touchscreen Cockpit Management Units Dual GIA 64W NAV/COM/GPS GEA 71 Engine and Airframe Interface GFC 700 Autopilot and Enhanced AFCS Advanced Safety Features: Automatic Level Mode (Blue Button) Electronic Stability Protection (ESP) Underspeed Protection (USP) Hypoxia Recognition...

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M600 - 3

Light righting force CONNECTIVITY AND FLIGHT STREAM 510 G3000's ability to simplify and streamline your piloting workload starts even before you climb into the cockpit. With the addition of an optional Flight Stream 510 wireless gateway, your G3000 avionics system becomes capable of streaming information in real time between your avionics and compatible mobile devices running the Garmin Pilot™ or ForeFlight Mobile apps. Stronger righting force G3000 AT THE FOREFRONT OF TECHNOLOGY From intuitive pilot input through touchscreen controllers to increased situational awareness, the G3000, as...

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M600 - 4

TOTAL CO ST PER HO UR TOTAL COST PER HOUR Piper M600 FUEL COST Figures include airframe, avionics, and minor engine consumable parts required for routine schedules and unscheduled maintenance. M600: $44.42 / flight hour TBM 930: $71.76 / flight hour MAINTENANCE LABOR COST PER HOUR FULL FUEL PAY LOAD FULL FUEL PAYLOAD Beech King Air C-90 GTx Pilatus PC-12 NG Source: Conklin and deDecker v 16.1.0 (Standard Equipped) ) (USD ) allon (USD Per G allon Price Per G Fuel Price 930 Fuel TBM To find a service center nearest you, connect with our Dealer Network: as a 400 $ function of fuel cost RETAIL...

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M600 - 5

Performance Data 274 ktas Cruise with 45 Min. Reserve 257 ktas Cruise with 45 Min. Reserve 184 ktas Cruise with 45 Min. Reserve Max Operating Altitude (28,000 ft for RVSM) Cabin Altitude at 28,000 ft / 7,925 m Rate of Climb (Sea level, MTOW) Landing Distances Over 50 ft Obstacle Wingspan: 43.16 ft | 13.2 m Height: 11.3 ft | 3.4 m Length: 29.7 ft | 9.1 m Cabin Dimensions Cabin Volume Cabin Length Cabin Width Cabin Height Door Dimensions Internal Baggage Max Zero Fuel Weight Basic Empty Weight Fuel Capacity, Usable Payload With Full Fuel

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M600 - 6

New York City to Miami 950 nautical miles Los Angeles to Houston 1,197 nautical miles London to Athens 1312 nautical miles 1000 NM TRIP COMPARISON (NJ/NY - FL) Assumptions: 3 passengers (pax) of executive level with average hourly wage of $350.00 M600 - Private Flight Commercial Airline Flight Teterboro, NJ to West Palm Beach, FL LaGuardia, NY to West Palm Beach, FL GLOBAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT Piper Aircraft offers customers support that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer questions and manage any concerns. To help with in service product support, there is a network...

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M600 - 7

Piper Aircraft, Inc. reserves the right to make changes, including, but not limited to, changes in specifications, materials, equipment and/or prices at any time without prior notice. It is the responsibility of the pilot to conduct all operations in accordance with the approved Pilot’s Operating Handbook, which is the only official source of data. ©2018 Piper Aircraft, Inc. Piper Aircraft, Inc. | 2926 Piper Drive | Vero Beach | Fl | 32960 | 772.299.2403 YOUR EXCEPTIONAL EXPERIENCE BEGINS AT piper.com

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