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Pulse Canopy Information and Flight Characteristics 1. Introduction The Pulse is a lightly elliptical nine cell canopy designed especially to suit the active intermediate to experienced "fun jumper." A novice can also fly this canopy as long as it is loaded lightly. It is designed to provide soft and smooth openings, a very flat glide, responsive handling, and easy landings. The Pulse has a lower pack volume than typical canopies, and is very easy to pack. This is because we put the right fabric in the right place. We've used Zero Porosity fabric only on the top surface, end cell ribs, stabilizers, and the slider. The remainder of the parachute utilizes the same proprietary Low-Bulk Fabric as is used in our revolutionary Optimum reserve. The use of this fabric combination, along with many subtle aerodynamic improvements, results in a canopy that packs small, opens very nicely, and offers easy landings. Most people will find it is really fun to fly as well. 2. A Note on Comparing Canopies When comparing the Pulse to other canopies, you must keep a few things in mind. An accurate comparison can only be made when the canopies share a common size, the conditions are the same and they are flown by the same jumper or a jumper of almost the same size and weight. A canopy's deployment equipment must also be in the same configuration to yield accurate comparisons. Things such as collapsible pilot chutes, sliders collapsed or lowered, and the condition of the lineset must again be similar to validate comparisons. 3. Openings The Pulse is designed to get you under an open canopy in as stress-free a manner as possible. The Pulse has a significantly shorter snivel than a Sabre2 or a Spectre, and an inflation that is a bit quicker, without being uncomfortable. It is easier to keep the Pulse on heading, without requiring the pilot to "fly the opening" with subtle body movements in the harness. As is true for any canopy, the Pulse may occasionally open off heading, and if it does, it will generally stay on that heading, rather than continuing the turn.

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4. General Flight Characteristics G lide: Since this canopy is designed to be a practical canopy for today's skydiving environment, we've designed it to have a very flat glide when flying at full flight, much lie the PD Stiletto. This really helps get you back to the DZ easily. Other PD canopies, such as the Sabre2 and Katana, have a much steeper glide at full flight. Those canopies often require the use of rear risers or deep brakes to achieve the flatter glide needed to get to the DZ. This is not typically necessary with the flatter glide of the Pulse, though the use of rear risers or...

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