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Sarix Value v01.0.0.4 Release Notes This document describes the features, operational issues, and major fixes for the new Sarix Value Series cameras. Review each section to determine if an upgrade is warranted for your installation. For additional information on the camera (including the latest updates to documentation, product specifications, and software downloads), visit the Pelco Web site at www.pelco.com. Note: For technical issues, contact Pelco Product Support at 1-800-289-9100 (USA and Canada) or +1559-292-1981 (international). Release Major Fixes l Corrected an issue with streams being incorrectly reported by ONVIF resulting in incorrect stream selection. Release Major Fixes l Corrected an issue with being unable to authenticate a camera added that has TLS required. Corrected a problem with the ability to increment for every release. Corrected an issue with the link-local address being listed if the valid IP address is active and causing some video management systems (VMS) to not work. Corrected a problem with non-administrator users not being able to view the video stream via the Web Client. Corrected issues with being unable to zoom and focus in the firmware. Release Major Fixes l l Corrected an issue with SetUser request failing to create new user if the username is not 'root'. Corrected a problem with Audio Detection alarms not triggering Events (e.g. upload to FTP, send email). Corrected an issue with running ONVIF API createusers not creating the root user. Corrected a problem with the Web Client being slow with pages often taking several seconds to load. Corrected issues to improve cybersecurity. Corrected a problem with audio being enabled by default. Corrected an issue with Milestone and the ONVIF Driver causing the 5MP camera to not stream live video.

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Sarix Value v01.0.0.4 Release Notes Pelco, Inc. 625 W. Alluvial, Fresno, California 93711 United States (800) 289-9100 Tel www.pelco.com Pelco, the Pelco logo, and other trademarks associated with Pelco products referred to in this publication are trademarks of Pelco, Inc. or its affiliates. ONVIF and the ONVIF logo are trademarks of ONVIF Inc. All other product names and services are the property of their respective companies. Product specifications and availability are subject to change without notice. © Copyright 2022, Pelco, Inc. All rights reserved.

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