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PRODUCT SPECIFICATION camera solutions ExSite® IP Series Explosionproof Camera System NETWORK FIXED AND PAN/TILT SYSTEMS WITH IOP CAMERA AND OPTIONAL WIPER Product Features • For Use in a Variety of Harsh and/or Hazardous Environments, including Marine Environments • Ability to Control and Monitor Video Over IPv4 and IPv6 Networks • Electropolished 316L Stainless Steel Construction • Upright or Inverted Operation • Both Fixed and Pan/Tilt Options • Autofocus, High Resolution Integrated Optics Package (IOP) with 36X Day/Night, Motion Detection, and 540 TVL Horizontal Resolution • Multilingual On-Screen Menus • Password Protection • Web Interface for Camera Configuration • H.264, MPEG-4, and MJPEG Compression • Supported Protocols: TCP/IP, UDP/IP (Unicast, Multicast IGMP), UPnP, DNS, DHCP, RTP, RTSP, NTP, IPv4, SNMP, QoS, HTTP, HTTPS, LDAP (client), SSH, SSL, SMTP, FTP, mDNS (Bonjour®), and 802.1x (EAP) • Up to 2 Simultaneous Video Streams ExSite IP Series is an explosionproof camera system with a built-in 100Base-TX network interface for live streaming to any network application.ExSite® IP Series has all of the features and functions of the original ExSite Series, while allowing you to control and monitor video over an IP network from virtually anywhere in the world. ExSite IP Series supports two simultaneous video streams. The two streams can be compressed in MJPEG, MPEG-4, and H.264 formats across several resolution configurations. The streams can be configured in a variety of frame rates, bit rates, and group of pictures (GOP) structures for additional bandwidth administration. The H.264 compression video files are up to 20 times smaller than MJPEG, making network video storage more affordable. ExSite IP Series includes a day/night camera with a removable infrared cut filter and 36X zoom lens (36X optical, 12X digital). The electropolished 316L stainless steel construction makes the ExSite Series ideal for all kinds of environmental conditions including marine applications. The system has an absolute operating temperature range of –60° to 60°C (–76° to 140°F). Within two hours after power-up, the entire unit can de-ice and be operational from a temperature of –25°C (–13°F). EXSITE IP PAN/TILT SERIES SHOWN WITH WXM100 WALL MOUNT (NOT SUPPLIED) • Web Viewing, up to 16 Cameras Simultaneously Web Interface ExSite IP Series uses a standard Web browser for powerful remote setup and administration. Up to 16 cameras can be viewed on the same network. Network protocols such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) configuration for security certificates, Secure Shell (SSH) for remote logon, and Quality of Service (QoS) for priority or guaranteed data flow can be managed using a Web browser. Systemization ExSite IP Series easily connects to Pelco IP systems such as Endura® version 1.5 (or later), MPEG-4; Endura version 2.0 (or later), H.264; Digital Sentry® version 7.3 (or later); DX8100 version 2.0 (or later); DX4700/DX4800 version 1.1 (or later); DX4700HD/DX4800HD version 2.0 (or later); and DVR5100 version 1.5.4 (or later). The camera also features open architecture connectivity to third-party software. Pelco offers an application programming interface (API) and software developer’s kit (SDK) for interfacing with Pelco’s IP cameras. International Standards Organization Registered Firm; ISO

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ExSite ®  IP Series Explosionproof Camera System - 2

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS PRODUCT FEATURES All Models Pan/Tilt Models Sun Shroud, Heater/Window Defroster, and Blower Included Configurable Locations of Labels and On-Screen Displays 7 Alarm Inputs 3 Relay Outputs Built-in Menu System for Setup of Configurable Functions Autofocus with Manual Override Auto Iris with Manual Override NTSC/PAL Reliable, Maintenance-Free Brushless DC Stepper Motor and Timing Belt Transmissions for Smooth and Accurate Positioning Fixed Models • Manual 200° Pan and 180° Tilt Adjustments • VALUES IN PARENTHESES ARE INCHES; ALL OTHERS ARE CENTIMETERS. Variable Speed...

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ExSite ®  IP Series Explosionproof Camera System - 3

*All values measured at 27 dB gain

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ExSite ®  IP Series Explosionproof Camera System - 4

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS GENERAL Construction Finish Viewing Window Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Storage Humidity Pan/Tilt Unit Weight Shipping Weight Effective Projected Area (EPA) Fixed Unit Weight Shipping Weight Effective Projected Area (EPA) MECHANICAL 316L stainless steel Electropolish 12.7 mm (0.50-inch) thick, soda-lime tempered glass –60° to 60°C (–76° to 140°F) –20° to 60°C (–4° to 140°F) 0% ~ 95% RH (noncondensing) 25 kg (55 lb) 33 kg (73 lb ) 40.8 square inches 11.33 kg (24.9 lb) 18.14 kg (40 lb) 31.1 square inches ELECTRICAL Input Voltage Input Voltage Range Power...

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ExSite ®  IP Series Explosionproof Camera System - 5

Video Encoding Video Streams Frame Rate H.264 base profile. MPEG-4, and MJPEG Up to 2 simultaneous streams, the second stream is variable based on the setup of the primary stream Up to 30.25.24,15,12.5,12,10.8. 7.5.6, 5. upon coding, resolution, and stream configuration) Available Resolutions Supported Protocols Users Unicast Multicast Security Access Software Interface TCP/IP. UDP/IP (Unicast. Multicast IGMP). UPnP, DNS. DHCP. RTP, RTSP. NTP, IPv4. IPv6*. SNMP, QoS, HTTP, HTTPS, LDAP (client), SSH, SSI. SMTP. FTP, mDNS (Bonjour®). and 802.1x(EAP| Up to 20 simultaneous...

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ExSite ®  IP Series Explosionproof Camera System - 6

RELATED PRODUCTS RECOMMENDED MOUNTS Construction Mounts Electropolished 304 stainless steel PAXM100 Mounting Straps 316 stainless steel Maximum Load WXM100 33.00 kg (72.8 lb) CMXM100 38.50 kg (84.9 lb) PAXM100 40.00 kg (88.2 lb) PXM100 35.83 kg (79.0 lb) Unit Weight WXM100 5.62 kg (12.4 lb) CMXM100 3.45 kg (7.6 lb) PAXM100 4.17 kg (9.2 lb) PXM100 0.60 kg (1.3 lb) Shipping Weight (approximate) WXM100 7.71 kg (17.0 lb) CMXM100 5.89 kg (13.0 lb) PAXM100 6.35 kg (14.0 lb) PXM100 1.81 kg (4.0 lb) Wall mount designed to mount the ExSite Series system directly to a load-bearing vertical surface...

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ExSite ®  IP Series Explosionproof Camera System - 7

RELATED PRODUCTS PXM100 PEDESTAL MOUNT 4X Ø 0.413 THRU EQ SP ON A Ø 7.00 B.C. 20.3 (8.00) Note: Designed for use with a WXM100 wall mount. 5X THREADED HOLES FOR 3/8-16 SS BOLTS (SUPPLIED) PAXM100 POLE ADAPTER 11 X THREADED HOLES FOR 3/8-16 SS BOLTS (SUPPLIED) 25.4 (10.00) Note: Designed for use with a WXM100 to mount a system to a vertical pole or a PXM100 to mount the system to a horizontal pole. Recommended pole diameter is 10.16 to 22.86 cm (4 to 9 inches).

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