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81 product information product information WAY GUIDANCE LIGHTING Features • High brightness light emitting diodes (LEDs) • Visible through dense smoke and turbid water • Meets MIL-L-85676 AS • ± 65° viewing angle • Penetration range of 4 metres through a specific optical density of 1.7 per metre • Dominant wavelength 525nm • Meets STANAG 3870 requirements of 10 cd/m and a 120° viewing angle in both air and water Survivolite penetrates the most adverse conditions of turbid water and dense smoke. LEDs provide the only technological solution that meets all the requirements to provide visual guidance to an escape hatch from any location inside the fuselage of a crashed or ditched aircraft. The high intensity beamed point-sources minimise absorption and scatter and maximise optical penetration. Survivolite emergency egress lighting is designed to aid escape from the most adverse conditions of helicopter ditching and dense smoke. System configuration System configuration requirements of some aircraft demand a linear strip of escape lights. This Survivolite variant is housed in flexible translucent fire resistant silicone rubber. The specification meets CAA specification number 8 (flammability). Optical characteristics Compliance with viewing angle and light output requirements of MIL-L-85676 is achieved by the use of alternate pin points and focused LEDs. The use of 150mm alternately lit and unlit sections counters the effect of underwater myopia by clearly identifying the escape lighting. Electrical characteristics Lit sections of Survivolite strips have a typical current consumption of 0.3A per 150mm. This assumes 14 LEDs per 150mm (7 focused and 7 wide angle diodes). System installation A typical configuration would be an inverted 'U’ arrangement of Survivolite strip around the escape hatch. Lighting strips can also be used as illuminated guide rails through the aircraft cabin. Oxley can supply a fullY configured system including: •Survivolite light strips • Water activated switch (operates in fresh and saline water) • Primary battery Applications • Helicopters •Transport and passenger aircraft •Ships • Industrial installations • Public buildings The detailed installation and location of components will depend on the aircraft type and escape hatch operation. A water switch variant is available which makes the escape lights flash. It may be desireable to identify the jettison handle only in this way. Company Approvals: BS EN 9001:1994 and QAS/34/61 REG No. FM 01759 CECC Approval No. M/0022, BS 9000 Approval No. 1048/M Survivolite™ is a trademark of Oxley Development Company Ltd. ©Copyright Oxley Developments Company Ltd 1998 Light module specification Current consumption @ 28°C: 100 mA (maximum) Luminous intensity at 80 mA: 500 mcd (typical) Operating temperature: -30°C to +80°C For further information and to order please contact Oxley Avionics with your specific requirements

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