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PAR 64 LED - 1

product information PAR 64 LED Replacement Landing Light Significantly reduced operating costs for commercial aircraft operators who use halogen based sealed beam landing lights and need increased operational lifetime and improved dispatch rates. The Oxley PMA approved PAR 64 LED Replacement Landing Light offers a saving of $1,000 per aircraft per annum over sealed beam halogen units through reduced power consumption, a 100 fold increase in operational life and reduced maintenance cycles. The Oxley LED based solution is a form fit replacement, requires no aircraft modification and delivers the full optical power and beam pattern of the unit it replaces. benefits • High through life cost savings over existing technology • Excellent resistance to shock and vibration • No future requirement to replace bulbs • Utilises existing housing and transformers 3 THIS DRAWING AND THE COPYRIGHT AND DESIGN RIGHT THEREIN ARE THE PROPERTY OF OXLEY DEVELOPMENTS CO. Ltd. AND MUST NOT BE REPRODUCED OR DISCLOSED TO A THIRD PARTY WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE COMPANY. OXLEY HIGH INTENSITY PAR64 LED LAMP. • Repairable unit with replaceable lens ETAILS ON THIS SHEET FOR REFERENCE ONLY * • Reduced power consumption OPTICAL CHARACTERISTICS • Doesn’t suffer degradation over time OPERATING CHARACTERISTICS COLOUR: AVIATION WHITE, 6000K TYP. (4500K TO 10000K AVAILABLE ON REQUEST) PEAK INTENSITY: 690,000cd @ 55°C CASE TEMPERATURE OPERATING AMBIENT TEMPERATURE: 54 TO 71°C MINIMUM COLD STORAGE TEMPERATURE: 54°C WEIGHT: 0.938 kg (2.068 lb) (NOT INCLUDING TERMINAL SCREWS AND WASHERS) MTBF: AIRBORNE, ROTARY WINGED >8,000 HOURS. AIRBORNE, UNINHABITED CARGO >13,000 HOURS @20°C CASE TEMPERATURE LIGHT OUTPUT: 12800 lumen • Replacement unit fully meets 4559, Q4559X, Q4559, Q5559, 4557, 4557X, 5557, 5557X OUTPUT: 6° ±1° FROM OPTICAL AXIS TO 10% MAX (12° FW10%) LED CLASS RG2 HOUSING: ALUMINIUM 6082T6 or 6061T6 FINISH: MATT BLACK ANODISED MILA8625, TYPE II, CLASS 2. • Peak intensity 600,000 cd DIAGRAM A • Input voltage 28VPAR64 AC/28V DCCan PAR64 REPLACEMENT INTERNAL PLATING: CHROMATE CONVERSION COAT IN ACCORDANCE WITH MILC5541 LENS: POLYCARBONATE, WITH HARD COATING. THE DOTTED GROUND STRAPS ARE ≤2.5m SUPPLY VOLTAGE: 1632.2V DC. (28V DC. NOMINAL) POWER: 140W (28V DC. NOMINAL) NOMINAL CURRENT: 5A (COLD START AT 28VDC) MAX CURRENT: 7.8A. • Mean Time Between Failure 23,00028VAC hours SUPPLY VOLTAGE: 2232V AC, 400Hz (28V AC, 400Hz NOMINAL) POWER: 170W (28V AC NOMINAL) APPARENT POWER: 260VA (28V AC NOMINAL) NOMINAL CURRENT: 9.5A RMS MAX CURRENT: 11.0A RMS  THE DOTTED GROUND STRAPS ARE ≤2.5m • Aluminium housing, matt black anodised finish • Hard coated polycarbonate lens DC ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Storage • UNIT WILL REDUCE POWER CONSUMPTION UNTIL THERMAL STABILISATION HAS OCCURRED, SEE THERMAL PERFORMANCE CHART • Output: 12 degrees full width to 10% max MAXIMUM CASE TEMPERATURE IS 110°C  UNIT IS ELECTRONICALLY CONTROLLED NOT TO EXCEED THIS TEMPERATURE. • Qualified to Environmental: MIL-STD 810G EMC: MIL-STD 461F FOR 28VAC APPLICATIONS COMPLIANCE TO RTCADO160G IS ACHIVED WHEN BONDED TO RTCA-DO 160G GROUND/CHASIS VIA GROUND STUD WITH ≤ 2.5m, AS PER DIAGRAM B. Power input: MIL-STD 704A INSTALLATION TO BE I.A.W. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION NP294.I.0003 RTCA-DO 160G MAINTENANCE (REPLACEMENT OF FAN, LENS ETC) DETAILED IN NP294.J4.0006 FORM IS COMPLIANT WITH PAR64 LAMP DRAWING AS PER ANSI C78.212003 FIGURE 78.21  263 FOR 28VDC APPLICATIONS COMPLIANCE TO MILSTD461F IS ACHIEVED WHEN BONDED TO GROUND/CHASSIS WITH ≤250mm, ≤ 14AWG JUMPER VIA TERMINAL STUD AS SHOWN PAGE 1, MARKED "ɸ". AS PER DIAGRAM A.

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PAR 64 LED - 2

product information  NO EXPORT RESTRICTIONS NO EXPORT RESTRICTIONS PAR 64 LED Replacement Landing Light MIN 202.44 MAX 205.74 204.500 [8.051]           THIS DRAWING AND THE COPYRIGHT AND DESIGN RIGHT THIS DRAWING ANDEREE COPYREGHT PERTY OF OXNEYIGEVELOPMENTS CO. Ltd. TH TH IN ARE TH I PRO AND DESIG L R D HT THEREIN ARE THE PROPEMUY T F OTLEE REPRLOPMENTS CO. ILtC.LOSED TO A THIRD AND RT S ON OX B Y DEVE ODUCED OR D Sd AND MUST NOT...

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