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product information aircraft anti-collision lights The Dual Mode Anti-Collision light (DMAC) operates in two colour modes; Aviation white and Aviation red. The Tri Mode Anti-Collision light (TMAC) has all the features of the DMAC and includes an IR covert mode at 80mW/sr NRI @850nm. • Oxley NVG Friendly™ • High intensity 400cd Aviation white • High intensity 150cd Aviation red • Increased capability • Reduced weight compared to strobe • Lightweight aluminium body - 690g • Reduced through life cost and maintenance • Extremely robust for military environments • MTBF greater than 10,000 hours • Designed to meet environmental MIL-STD-810 • Reduced power consumption • Rugged, reliable LED technology • Military fast jets • Military helicopters • Covert/IR mode available • Civil aircraft These latest anti-collision light developments from Oxley are designed to replace conventional strobe based lighting. They are superior to strobes in all areas; smaller, lighter, brighter, more robust and are more reliable. Intended to be used in pairs, one above and one below the aircraft, they utilise Oxley world renowned night vision and LED technology. They are suitable for any type of aircraft platform and are perfect for installation where size, weight, reliability and through life cost savings are critical consideration factors. Proven in use on UAVs and undergoing successful trials on military helicopters and fast jet aircraft, these anticollision lights are certain to enhance aircraft operational capability. When connected together a pair of lights effectively operates in master-slave mode with the option for synchronous or asynchronous flash patterns. Simple to fit with one connector and four screws, they require no additional bulky power supply and

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OXLEY product information Part number description mode DMAC/TMAC drawing CP40239 refers Company Approvals: BS EN AS 9100: 2003 ISO 9001:2000 Both on Certificate No. FM 01759 ISO 14001:2004 Certificate No: EMS 60559 Distributed by Oxley Developments Company Ltd Priory Park Ulverston Cumbria LA12 9QG United Kingdom t: +44 (0) 1229 483226 f: +44 (0) 1229 581851 e: Oxley Inc 31 Business Park Drive, PO Box 814, Branford CT 06405 USA t: +1 (203) 488-1033 f: +1 (203) 481-6971 e: © Oxley Developments Company Ltd 2010 ODC:SM:40704

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