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PUSHPAK Hexacopter Curiosity Quad copter UAV OM UAV Systems 60-UA, Jawahar Nagar, Delhi 110 007, India sales@omuavsystems.com www.omuavsystems.com Contact: Shailesh Mob. : +91 9873690212 Baaz Mini UAV Curiosity Plus Quad copter UAV

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Pushpak Hexacopter - 2

P U S H PA K H ex a c o p t e r Om UAV Systems has launched Hex Copter, specially for Civilian applications like Flower dropping, Aerial Photography etc The Hexacopter can be customized to take and activate desired payload (up to 1000 gms ). The product comes without auto-navigation but has sophisticated gyro stabilization and Altitude Hold functions that make it extremely reliable and useful. The ground control station is very simple with intuitive controls. Dimensions Diameter Height Empty Flying Weight Gross Take off weight Material Propeller Battery : 81 cm (foldable) : 32 cm : 4800...

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