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• The airframe and part avionics have been designed and manufactured in India so the components and maintainable cost would be bare minimum. • The autopilot has been developed in India so upgrade of software would be a simple. • The propulsion system is all electric so the field operations are simple. • The GCS software and the autopilot software are windows based making it easier for most would be customers to use the system. • The operational cost of the craft is bare minimum thus providing cost effective surveillance systems as compared to ground based vehicles. Radio Control Link:...

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Bazz Flying Wing - 3

Standard Package Contents: Hand launch by a single person Manual or Auto landing depending on the wind conditions prevailing during mission. Parachute recovery possible with optional parachute recovery module. 100m x 40m clearance is required to launch the craft. Mission Applications: By security agencies for observations behind enemy lines For flood control to locate stranded people For real estate video-graphy For patrolling oil and gas pipe lines. As transmission relay station for video links and data links For traffic monitoring on highways For weather data collection using data...

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Our other products... Curiosity Plus Quad Copter UAV Curiosity Quad Copter UAV OM UAV Systems 60-UA, Jawahar Nagar, Delhi 110 007, India Contact: Ravindra Singh Mob. : +91 9810442574

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