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DayCor®ROM HD - 1

» Fiber Optic Gyro » High sensitivity to corona Advanced fiber optic gyro stabilization | Multiple sensors » High flight performance A powerful high-speed inspection solution for aircraft, equipped with combinations of outstandingly highly sensitive, high definition (HD) sensors in a gyro stabilized payload platform. ROM meets the need for stability, accuracy, functionality, convenience and qualitative data collection. The system incorporates a selection of HD sensors in the ultraviolet, infrared & visible spectral ranges, with a photo camera and LRF. Designed by the RTCA DO 160G environmental standard, DayCor® ROM is a premium choice for aerial inspections to remotely detect faulty electrical components. The collected data includes imaging and radiometric readings of all installed sensors with detailed meta data. ROM can be used for fire detection and with some adjustments for oil spill mapping. APPLICATIONS: Predictive maintenance | Overhead transmission & distribution lines | Fire detection and mapping | Oil spill detection and mapping » Set for high speed » FAA | EASA conformity » HD video & stills » Radiometric readings » Auto tracking » Geo pointing » Geo Lock » RTCA DO 160G avionic std. HIGH SPEED UV INSPECTION EASY INSTALLATION & LOW WEIGHT High sensitivity to UV enables the detection and capture of distant corona discharge during high speed flight of 100 km/h without smearing the output image and without missing corona events. Gimbals are made of a lightweight structure and composite covers. Installation is simple and standard. STABILIZED PAYLOAD Throughout the flight videos from the sensors are displayed on a spilt-windows monitor and recorded onto findings can be recorded and stored onto a portable memory. Recordings may include radiometric readings of: corona strength, hot spots temperatures, GPS, date & time, pressure gauge and humidity. Audio narration & annotations can also be added. Uniquely designed, the payload has high precision 4-axis fiber optic stabilizing gyro and passive vibration to ensure superior stabilization. Special care is taken to ensure noise-free, crystal clear image transfer. Fits for most FAA or EASA approved aircraft mounts. GIMBAL REMOTE CONTROL Ergonomically designed with integrated high resolution (HR) touch screen and an intuitive menu to control both the sensors and the turret. Extra fine tuning and saved preset setup profiles add flexibility and agility. SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE With high accuracy, excellent image quality and long wave solar reflection immunity ROM provides an outstanding performance for most applications. The system is customized per specific customers’ needs and can include various combinations of inspection technologies. VIDEO RECORDING & STORING DATA MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Data Management System provides pinpointed information about the scanned grid such as identity of each installation, past performance, past recorded events, failures, route, etc. Data is retrieved during flight and displayed synchronized with geographical and/or topographical maps. DAYCOR® TECHNOLOGY INSIDE With DayCor® inside, the UV camera is fully solar blinded allowing operation under all daylight conditions [Registered Patent EP1112459

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DayCor®ROM HD - 2

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (ACCOMMODATED TO CUSTOMERS' REQUIREMENTS) TCU - TURRET CAMERA UNIT & CONTROL UNITS (ACCOMMODATED TO CUSTOMER'S REQUIREMENTS) Specifications are subject to changes without notice. Imagery used for illustration purposes only. Copyright 2019, Ofil Ltd. ver20.0

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