DayCor® MICROM Ultralight corona camera for UAV | HD High Definition


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DayCor® . ‘ .HD Ultralight corona camera for UAV | HD High Definition » HD video & stills camera » Micro weight, micro size » Wide FOV » Low power consumption » Communication protocols » UV noise reduction » Optical & digital zoom » TRH & GPS embedding » Easy integration on UAS » Electromagnetic shielding DayCor® micROMHD is an innovative corona camera designed for use on UAV or inside minute gimbals. It is light in weight, has low power consumption, supports most commonly used communication protocols and has electromagnetic shielding. micROMHD is the first micro HD camera with dual sensors: Solar Blind UV and visible light and is, therefore, capable of detecting and imaging corona in daylight. The camera offers on-board recording in real time of both UVc radiation and the radiating sources, providing a means to pinpoint faults and investigate corona partial discharge. With its DayCor® camera core and special filters, micROMHD enables focusing on corona while reducing distracting noise. Interfaces to GPS, temperature and humidity sensors enable adding specific data embedded in the recordings. micROMHD is easy to integrate using a supplied set of commands that control all camera functions. The HD imaging serves well the need for detailed clear views of remote/high specific elements and of installations. micROMHD is offered both as a camera core that fits well into a wide range of gimbals and as a block camera for most small UAVs with optional customizing. MAXIMISE FLIGHT DURATION, SPEED & FLEXIBILITY In order to maximize flexibility, duration and velocity, weight must be kept to a minimum. micROMHD is a lightweight camera with energy-efficient usage, allowing longer, higher and faster flights scanning power lines. micROMHD silhouette simplifies the outline of gimbal design requirements. SEE MORE GET MORE micROMHD outputs & records HD videos providing a clear view of the inspected scenes, allows reading name plates & catalogue numbers of equipment for maintenance referencing. Videos can include corona events count, date & time, GPS, temperature and humidity (optional). Hence, higher resolution ends in more detailed data MANAGE TIME EFFICIENTLY micROMHD provides in real time the representation of corona as it is emitted, displaying both the discharge and the faults. Imagery, which is clear and sharp even while on the move, is used to determine fault location and level of severity. EASILY INTEGRATE WITH YOUR UAV micROMHD is controlled through a set of communication commands, using interfaces such as RS232, MAVlink, S. BUS, CAN BUS and MFIO-PWM. INCREASE SAFETY AND PRODUCTIVITY Unparalleled corona detection precision is attained through the implementation of Ofil proprietary solar blind DayCor® technology [Registered Patent EP1112459B1]. Absolute solar blindness ensures effective operability in daytime and guarantees highest sensitivity to corona UVc radiation. Enhance your productivity by referring to true corona occurrences without missing any. MATCH YOUR DIMENSIONS micROMHD is offered either as a camera core to be incorporated in gimbals or any other enclosure, or as an encapsulated micro corona camera. Possible to switch between profiles and select the most appropriate one.

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