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SENSE & AVOID FOR DRONES Northwest UAV A GLOBAL COMPANY Where Precision and Reliability Soar! Designed for unmanned aircraft, uAvionix has dramatically reduced the size and cost of critical safety components required to fly safely and legally in the National Airspace System. • Ping Transponders • Unmanned ADS-B Transceivers • Ping ADS-B Receivers • FYXnav GPS Position Sources THE SMALLEST, LIGHTEST AND LOWEST POWER ADS-B AND AIR TRAFFIC INTEGRATION SOLU

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ping200S is a compact FCC approved remote mount Mode S transponder. Designed for UAS and Stratospheric balloon operations ping200S is ideal for operators and integrators looking to add a transponder to existing systems. GPS data can be provided by an existing position source via supported autopilot or via the ping200S integration guide. Ping200Sr / Remote GPS is a complete system designed to meet the conspicuity requirements for operating UAS in controlled airspace. This system includes an integrated, high integrity WAAS GPS sensor derived from uAvionix TSO’d FYX technology, and a...

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ping2020 is ideal for UAS applications to improve safety with minimal impact to capability and performance. Ping2020 detects ADS-B aircraft within a 100 statute mile radius in real time, dramatically improving drone operator awareness of threats in the area including aircraft beyond line of sight. ping2020i / Integrated GPS offers an easy to install, all-in-one ADS-B solution, combining the ping2020 with the FYXnav GPS and an integrated baro. Ping2020i keeps the same small footprint of the original ping2020 adding just 2mm in height and 5 grams of additional weight. US Patents Pending...

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pingStation pingUSB USB Station ADS-B DUAL RECEIVERS Input Voltage/Power Power over Ethernet Platform: UAS/Unmanned pingRX allows operators to receive ADS-B broadcasts from other ADS-B equipped aircraft in the area. RECEIVER MTL 1090MHz Dynamic Range pingStation all-weather networkable ADS-B receiver for fleet tracking and lowaltitude surveillance. INTERFACES pingUSB provides ADS-B data for use with software such as Virtual Radar Server and services including ADS-B Exchange. Platform: Windows SUPPORTED INTERFACES FYXnav FYXnav-B Input Power Cold Start RECEIVER SENSITIVITY QUALITY METRICS...

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