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Many years on the field We work and test our product with professionals to have the maximum quality and functionality possible. Tested on field and world’s different scenarios by professionals. Northwall’s helmets are dedicated to protect and helps operator in their hardest moment. The Northwall’s medical devices borns from the great collaboration of world’s most expert in prehospital rescue and clinical re

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Real operational experience has given rise to helmets with unique features for pilots, technicians and rescue personnel. Northwall is committed to help professional crews to solve their most difficult operations, protect them, help them to comunicate and save lifes! Professional Helicopter Rescue Crew Helmets, used by many worldwide services Northwall srl was established thanks to more than thirty years of experience in rescue operations and biomechanics alongside professional experience in the design and manufacture of composite materials, medical devices and aircraft. LMT helmets provide...

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Northwaii srl born from the experience in rescue and biomechanics of impacts, in synergy with professional design experience and manufacture of composite materials, medical devices & aeronautical components. The continuous research for innovation is combined with the typical pragmatism efficiency, that the experience in pre hospital rescue keeps us alive. Northwall grows with the passionate collaboration of the best professionals in the field of composite materials, aerospace and security. And thus the Northwall first product born, a new helmet dedicated to pilots and crew of helicopter...

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Key features LMT Helmets are extremely innovative and based on the most concrete principles of ergonomics. They have been designed, engineered and tested to ensure the highest protection capacity with the lowest as possible dimension and weight. Helmets Balanced weight. Ergonomics and materials are designed to have the lowest weight possible and the perfect balance to prevent neck fatigue, with highest protection standards. High protection shell The composition and the design of the shell ensures the highest protection against penetration while maintaining the light weight. Impact liner A...

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Technical crew Medical crew helmet for pilots and flight crews that require optimal protection of the head and hearing during flight operations. helmet for crews who must also work on the ground around the helicopter and must maintain contact with the onboard crew. helmet for airborne medical crew members who must also protect their heads on the ground, away from the helicopter. Helmet accessories Our helmets can be equipped with various accessories to meet the operation requirements. Wire boom + electrect mic Flex-wire boom Wire boom + low impedance mic All Northwall Helmets can be configured...

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Helmet Accessories Our helmets can be equipped with various accessories to meet the operation requirements. Wireless System Face Shield Our helmets can be equipped with different kind of mounts, for night visor, thermal visor and many others. Mounts Northwall Faceshield protects the jaw area from rotor wash, flying debris, windblast and impacts of small objects. Compatible with LMT Pilot installed flex or wire boom. Clear see-through polycarbonate. Provides fragmentation protection up to 550 feet per second (fps). Wireless Headsets Our helmets can be equipped with different kind of wireless...

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Products Mission ready All the features allow the continued use of the helmet in all operating conditions, becoming an equipment required for your important work. Medical crew can continue to wear an “helicopter grade” helmet during all the dangerous phases of the ops keeping clear comms between the crew. Northwall Medical Devices are designed to “solve special problems” during the most complicated rescue ops in complex environment

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Our Product Medical Equipment Clinical evidence based design Our medical products are designed with field work in mind, and feature some of the more innovative reserach on ergonomy and functionality following the most recent clinical guidelines. Head immobilizer Avoid any mistake during the most delicate phase of head and cervical spine splinting. The elastic band are regulated to allow a safety maximum pressure on the patient skull avoiding operator mistakes Devices born from more than 30 years of field experience, dedicated to making effective every gesture of rescue professionals in any...

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Emergency spine immobilization device that can be used in extrication in many environments. Inflatable spinal support for stretchers or soft hoist ops devices. Composite Long Board designed to immobilize a trauma patient. Skid Board Easy carry patient immobilization device in backcountry or confined spaces. Long board device for quickly removing riders from race tracks Basic bag that allows carrying Pneuspine, Sinctok or Stila along pathways and trails. Human Cargo Bag Certified human cargo bag that allows lifting patients with hoists, fixed lines or rope operations

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Our Product Medical Accessories Our medical equipment can be used in combination with various accessories to meet the operation requirements. Rotation Brake System High - effective aerodynamic system to avoid or stop rotational movement of a rescue bag in downwash on a hoist cable or fixed rope. Absolutely easy and logical control through the rescuer without any electronic or mechanic components. No assistance and no lines from the ground any more! OvenSkid Stila accessory that allows to slide easily on debris surface, dedicate to evacuate patient from industrial or confined space. N-E-XT...

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N-E-XT Confined N-E-XT board accessory which combines the advantages of a rescue triangle with the capability to splint the spine of a trauma patient. Pneuspine inflating system Different accessories to quickly inflate the Pneuspine board.

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Helmets Pilot Features The LMT Pilot helmets is designed for use by the flight crew of civilian or military helicopters who must operate mainly on board and only require head protection during certain flight phases. The particular shape and construction materials have made it possible to minimize the weight and size of the helmet without renouncing any of the security features required for flight helmets. The reduced size and weight allows extended wear while avoiding altering pilots’ sense of balance. Available sizes: • S/M: (from 52 a 57 cm) (20 1⁄2 - 22 1/2 in) adjustable weight: (without...

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