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AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL SIMULATOR EXPERT ATC simulator is designed for initial training and for retraining of radar control, non-radar control, and Tower ATC controllers, to develop their professional skills, to train controllers actions in emergency, to train operating procedures in case of airspace structure change or new operation techniques introduced. The simulator consists of two modules: • radar control simulator to simulate air situation in area of any complexity level, size and intensity of air traffic; controller's workstation interface is completely equal to real ATC system interface...

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FUNCTIONALITY: • training for radar controllers (ACC, APP, etc.) • configuration for any type of CTA and TMA considering ICAO and Russian standards • generation of training scenarios at any level of complexity • simulation of emergency situations at all stages of flight • training for both radar control and non-radar control using flight data • air traffic situation simulation considering types and parameters of radars used in ATCarea • display in compliance with Eurocontrol EATCHIP PHASE III HMI, EUROCONTROL ODID IV • simulation of various weather changeable condition in the process of...

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STRUCTURE Maximum configuration of the simulator consists of the following subsystems: Exercise preparation subsystem: • aircraft performance editor • airspace generator • chart generator • airfield (terminal area) generator • radar performance editor • exercise editor Training subsystem including: • weather generator • instructor workstation • pilot workstation Air traffic control subsystem (controller workstation) Visual subsystem Lighting and navaids control subsystem Airfield video surveillance simulation subsystem Additionally the simulator may be provided with: • voice communication...

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Training Systems SUBSYSTEMS FUNCTIONS Aircraft performance editor is designed for parameters setup to set technical and speed characteristics of moving objects, and their dimensions and appearance. Besides, the editor can provide reference information about airlines and airports that may be supplemented or edited in accordance with regulatory documents. Also, the program enables generation of events, information messages and standard phrases of radio exchange depending on training scenario. All parameters set in the aircraft performance editor are used for flight plans and scenario...

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Airfield generator is intended for generation and editing of terminal area layout, and of elements concerned with location and movement of aircraft, ground vehicles and other objects. Also, the program enables setting of objects that affect flight plans and exercise scenarios. Radar performance editor is designed to set main parameters of radar data sources simulators. Primary and secondary radars may be set as the data sources. Antenna patterns and radar coverage are set individually for each source. All parameters set in the radar editor are used by air traffic generation module for...

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Training Systems Instructor workstation is designed to control training process including: • exercise selection • configuration setting • start-up, stop, restart, and termination of • input of flight and scenario changes • training recording and playback Pilot workstation is intended to control aircraft and ground vehicles movement. ATC controller workstation is a multi-window graphic interface in accordance with up-to-date requirements of Eurocontrol (EATCHIP Phase III

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Visual subsystem is designed for generation of terminal area image at preset time of day and weather including: • runways, taxiways, buildings • radio and navigation aids • movable objects: airplanes, helicopters, ground When the simulator is equipped with sound effects generator the image is accompanied with sound effects (engines noise, thunder, etc.). Lighting and navigation systems control software is intended to display current status of airfield lighting system (lighting groups on/off, intensity) and navigation equipment (on/off), and to generate control Airfield video surveillance...

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Training Systems MAIN SPECIFICATIONS ^PERT simulator provides: simulation of air traffic within ATC area 30 000 km vertically .!-,»;„„ „t ,:.,~,f»»___according to PSR, SSR, PSR+SSR considering simulation of aircraft tracking ^ be|m areg ^ ^jnd area$ maximum number of radars at least 25 maximum number of simultaneously . . „4 ,„„ maximum number of flight plans at least 3500 maximum number of active flight plans at least 600 reaction for data input 2 sec maximum Visual system provides: view from 120 up to 360 degrees frame frequency at least 25 frames per second landscape simulation for 30 x...

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