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LV-DAF - 1

SYSTEM DIAGRAM Digital Sight Series CFI 10x Dynamic Auto-Focus Unit for Microscope System Integration LV-DAF G LV-TT2 Tilting Trinocular Tube LV-NU5A Motorized Nosepiece or LV-NU5AC U5AC Nosepiece (Motorized) L2-DIC High Contrast DIC Prism LV-UEPI2A Motorized Universal Epi-illuminator 2 *1 White LED Illuminator LV-EPILED LV-IMA Motorized Focusing Module A Objective Lens A LV-FMA Motorized Focusing Module A NDF Slide Achro Condenser for LV-AF (Make to order) LV-SUB Substage LV-CR Column Riser 35 LV-HGFA HG Fiber Adapter LVAF 45IRC Filter for DIA Illuminator User Equipment Digital I/O Cable (Designed by user) Dynamic Auto-Focus Unit for Microscope System Integration LV-MDIC Motorized DIC Module LNF-LWD Condenser for LV-AF Objective Lens F ´ LVUEPI2-DLS Double Light Source Adapter C-HGFIE Fiber Light Source (E) *1: Also, LV-UEPI and LV-UEPI2 can be configured with the LV-DAF Unit. (This universal illuminator cannot be controlled externally.) Specifications and equipment are subject to change without any notice or obligation on the part of the manufacturer. March 2008 © 2008 NIKON CORPORATION The products detailed in the brochure are controlled by the Japanese Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law and the International Export Control Regime. If there is a possibility that they may be utilized for the development of weapons of mass destruction, etc., they shall not be exported without authorization from the government. NIKON CORPORATION 6-3, Nishiohi 1-chome, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-8601, Japan phone: +81-3-3773-9026 fax: +81-3-3773-9062 NIKON INSTRUMENTS INC. 1300 Walt Whitman Road, Melville, N.Y. 11747-3064, U.S.A. phone: +1-631-547-8500; +1-800-52-NIKON (within the U.S.A. only) fax: +1-631-547-0306 NIKON INSTRUMENTS EUROPE B.V. Laan van Kronenburg 2, 1183 AS, Amstelveen, The Netherlands phone: +31-20-44-96-222 fax: +31-20-44-96-298 NIKON INSTRUMENTS (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. CHINA phone: +86-21-5836-0050 fax: +86-21-5836-0030 (Beijing branch) phone: +86-10-5869-2255 fax: +86-10-5869-2277 (Guangzhou branch) phone: +86-20-3882-0552 fax: +86-20-3882-0580 NIKON SINGAPORE PTE LTD. SINGAPORE phone: +65-6559-3618 fax: +65-6559-3668 NIKON MALAYSIA SDN. BHD. MALAYSIA phone: +60-3-78763887 fax: +60-3-78763387 NIKON INSTRUMENTS KOREA CO., LTD. KOREA phone: +82-2-2186-8410 fax: +82-2-555-4415 NIKON CANADA INC. CANADA phone: +1-905-625-9910 fax: +1-905-625-0103 NIKON FRANCE S.A.S. FRANCE phone: +33-1-45-16-45-16 fax: +33-1-45-16-00-33 NIKON GMBH GERMANY phone: +49-211-9414-0 fax: +49-211-9414-322 NIKON INSTRUMENTS S.p.A. ITALY phone: +39-55-3009601 fax: +39-55-300993 NIKON AG SWITZERLAND phone: +41-43-277-2860 fax: +41-43-277-2861 NIKON UK LTD. UNITED KINGDOM phone: +44-20-8541-4440 fax: +44-20-8541-4584 NIKON GMBH AUSTRIA AUSTRIA phone: +43-1-972-6111-00 fax: +43-1-972-6111-40 NIKON BELUX BELGIUM phone: +32-2-705-56-65 fax: +32-2-726-66-45 Delivers fast, versatile auto-focus with the newly developed and unique Hybrid Auto-Focus system. The LV-DAF makes the most of two types of auto-focus systems. Comes with Nikon’s Auto-Adjustment Program, increasing efficiency by ensuring rapid startup. Supports a variety of observation methods, including brightfield, darkfield, and differential interference contrast (DIC), as well as various transparent samples such as liquid crystal and gl

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LV-DAF - 2

DIMENSIONS LV-DAF + LV-FMA + LV-EPI Base + LV-UEPI2A (Microscope set) The Hybrid Auto-Focus features large focus range and fast tracking ability BF DF FL1 FL2 What is Hybrid Auto-Focus? There are two common types of auto-focus systems for microscopes: slit projection and contrast detection. Slit projection system projects a slit image and then detects the shift in the reflected light. This system is useful when a large focal range is necessary. Contrast detection system projects a slit pattern and then detects the contrast of the reflected light. This system is useful when focus accuracy is...

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