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AZ100M - 1

Multipurpose Zoom Microscope AZ100/AZ100M Specifications and equipment are subject to change without any notice or obligation on the part of the manufacturer. March 2010 ©2006/2007/2010 NIKON CORPORATION N.B. Export of the products* in this catarog is controlled under the Japanese Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law. Appropriate export procedure shall be required in case of export from Japan. *Products: Hardware and its technical information (including software) ISO 14001 Certified for NIKON CORPORATION NIKON CORPORATION Shinagawa Intercity Tower C, 2-15-3, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-6290, Japan phone: +81-3-6433-3705 fax: +81-3-6433-3785 ISO 9001 Certified for NIKON CORPORATION Microscope Solutions Business Unit Industrial Metrology Business Unit 12701 Grand River Avenue, Brighton, MI 48116 U.S.A. phone: +1-810-220-4360 fax: +1-810-220-4300 UNITED KINGDOM phone: +44-1332-811-349 fax: +44-1332-639-881 E-mail: E-mail: NIKON MALAYSIA SDN. BHD. MALAYSIA phone: +60-3-7809-3688 fax: +60-3-7809-3633 NIKON METROLOGY SARL NIKON METROLOGY EUROPE NV Geldenaaksebaan 329, 3001 Leuven, Belgium phone: +32-16-74-01-00 fax: +32-16-74-01-03 Nikon Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Email: NIKON INSTRUMENTS (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. CHINA phone: +86-21-6841-2050 fax: +86-21-6841-2060 (Beijing branch) phone: +86-10-5831-2028 fax: +86-10-5831-2026 (Guangzhou branch) phone: +86-20-3882-0550 fax: +86-20-3882-0580 NIKON INSTRUMENTS KOREA CO., LTD. NIKON INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED E-mail: NIKON METROLOGY GMBH GERMANY phone: +49-6023-91733-0 fax: +49-6023-91733-229 E-mail: Sales.Germany.NM@nikon.c

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AZ100M - 2

MULTI-PURPOSE ZOOM MICROSCOPE muLTizooiii fiZIOO flZIOOM Single integrated microscope system for all your macro observation and digital imaging requirements The MULTIZOOM AZ100 multi-purpose microscope combines superior wide field imaging and long working distance like a stereoscopic microscope but with high resolution bright-field and DIC (differential interference contrast) capability like a metallographic microscope. • On-Axis coaxial optical zoom system that enables macro image capture. • Wide-range of observation magnifications from 5x to 500x.* • High-resolution/high-contrast...

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AZ100M - 3

The AZ100 series enables on-axis observation without the lateral distortion inherent in stereo microscopes. Optimal not only for visual observation, the AZ100/AZ100M is also ideal for capturing macro images with a digital camera or other devices. Telecentric optics, a technology with a strong reputation in the field of industrial measuring microscopes, is employed in this uniquely designed zoom microscope. The AZ100/AZ100M enables a wide array of observation techniques suited for various samples and applications in the macro region. This system offers Nomarski DIC and fluorescence...

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AZ100M - 4

A wide range of magnifications By combining built-in 8x zoom optics, which provides from 1x to 8x magnification, with a three-position objective nosepiece, the AZ100/AZ100M enables observation at the highest magnification ratio of any such device in the world. The objective lens lineup consists of 0.5x, 1x, 2x, 4x, and 5x lenses. When combined with AZ-W 10x eyepiece lenses, the AZ100/AZ100M covers everything from macro to high magnification in the range of 5x to 500x (the latter includes a coaxial illuminator with 1.25x magnification). The zoom knob incorporates an engageable click-stop...

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AZ100M - 5

Microscope control window (AZ-Pad) A variety of control units that can interface with NIS-Elements software NIS-Elements imaging software interfaces NIS-Elements imaging software, combined with these control units, provides an integrated microscope and digital imaging system. Combining motorized Z axis control with the EDF function (optional) of NIS-Elements makes it possible to easily create all-in-focus 3D images by combining a series of images with different focal planes. Furthermore, communication between the intelligent nosepiece and motorized 8x zoom automatically maintains...

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AZ100M - 6

Digital Camera System for Microscopy PC-based Control Unit A flexible system that enables various configurations consisting of a camera head and a control unit to suit the needs of each sample or application. The DS-U2 controls everything from live image display and capture to advanced image processing and analysis on a computer. It supports a wide range of applications. Camera Heads High-definition color camera head Simple connection via high-speed USB 2.0 High-speed color camera head 5-megapixel high-definition color. The DS-Fi1 offers advanced performance, including a high dynamic range...

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AZ100M - 7

Eyepiece tubes AZ-TE100 Ergonomic Trinocular Tube 100, AZ-TE80 Ergonomic Trinocular Tube 80, AZ-TP DSC Tube 0.6x The lineup includes the ergonomic tilting trinocular eyepiece tube AZ-TE100 (beamsplit ratio 100:0/0:100) and AZ-TE80 (beamsplit ratio 100:0/20:80), as well as the vertical monocular tube (AZ-TP 0.6x),which is ideal for system integration. The 0.6x reduction optics built into the eyepiece tubes and photo port enable capturing of images with a wider field of view. Metal structure (coaxial illumination) *Accepts ISO type C-mount Direct CCTV Adapters. Objective lens mounts AZ-NPI...

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AZ100M - 8

Accessories for diascopic observation AZ-STE Episcopic Stand, AZ-STGE EPI Stage Controller accessories (AZ100M only) AZ-MC Contoroller, AZ-HRC Hand Remote Contoroller, AZ-FSW Foot Switch, AZ-PCR Photo Release AZ-STD Diascopic Stand, AZ-STDM Motorized Focusing Diascopic Stand, AZ-STGD DIA Stage, AZ-SG Stage Glass * The AZ-STDM Motorized Focusing Diascopic Stand is for the AZ100M only. Coaxial illuminator Diascopic simple polarizing attachments AZ-LED LED Ring Illuminator AZ-ICI Coaxial Episcopic Illuminator, AZ-NCB NCB Filter for Coaxial Epi Illuminator, AZ-QLL ICI 1/4 Lambda Plate 0.5x,...

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AZ100M - 9

AZ100M only AZ-FL Epi-Fluorescence Attachment Digital Cameras for Microscopy AZ-HGA HG Lamphouse Adapter C-FCL EPI-FL CO.Lens Digital Sight Series C-SHG1 Starter 100W AZ-MC-FL/NPI Cable Lamphouse HMX-4B, HG Lamp Socket Fluorescence Filter Cubes C-mount Direct CCTV Adapter C-HGFI HG Precentered Fiber Illuminator Eyepiece Lens AZ-HGFA Fiber Adapter Eyepiece Tubes AZ-TE100 Ergonomic Trinocular Tube 100 AZ-TE80 Ergonomic Trinocular Tube 80 AZ-NCB NCB Filter for Coaxial Epi Illuminator AZ-FM AZ Focusing Mount Adapter AZ-ICI Coaxial Episcopic Illuminator K P-FMD Focus mount D*3 AZ-NPI Triple...

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