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C17200 Beryllium Copper is an age-hardened alloy having developed higher strengths while maintaining acceptable levels of toughness for many industrial applications. The age-hardening response of this alloy depends on the factors of time, temperature, and cold work applied to the metal. Toughness, fatigue strength, corrosion resistance, etc., can be modified and controlled by either underaging or overaging during the precipitation hardening process of the alloy. Typical Uses Oil & Gas Directional Drilling Equipment, Pressure Housings, Flex Shafts, Wireline Tools, MWD & LWD Components, Bearings, Bushings, Valve Components, Pump Shafts, Connectors, Centralizers, Handling Tools, Interconnect Shafts & Housings, Split Rings, Poppet Housings, Mule Shoes, Fishneck Shafts, Bulkhead Retainers Aerospace Landing Gear Wheel & Brake Bushings, Aircraft Components, Cryogenics (Deep Space Applications) Automotive RWMA Tooling, Plastic Molds, Electronic Components, Engine Components (Racing), Valve Guides & Seats Electrical Contact Bridges, Clips, Spring Connectors, Current Carrying Navigational Instruments, Relay Parts, Electrical Switch and Relay Blades, Switch Parts, Fuse Clips Fasteners Bolts, Screws, Roll Pins, Retaining Rings, Washers, Fasteners, Other Industrial Flexible Metal Hose, Non Sparking Safety Tools, Shafts, Pump Parts, Rolling Mill Parts, Bearings, Bushings, Valve Seats, Valve Stems, Diaphragms, Housings for Instruments, Wear Plates on Heavy Equipment, Bellows, Welding Equipment, Electrochemical, Parts for valves and other components used in Cryogenic Applications, Sub Sea Housings, and Relay Stations Similar or Equivalent Specifications ASTM B-196 AMS 4533 AMS 4651 FEDERAL 00-C-530 AMS 4650 NBM Metals www.nbmmetals.com The Leading USA Manufacturer & Master Distributor of Brass, Bronze, & Copper Alloys

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Physical Properties The values listed on this document represent reasonable approximations suitable for general engineering use. Due to commercial variations in composition and to manufacturing Limitations, they should not be used for specification purposes. See applicable A.S.T.M. Specification references. Room Temp Tensile & Hardness Data Temper Heat Outside Dia or (Ksi) Ys (Ksi, 0.2%) Elongation Rockwell Electrical Treatment Distance btw Parallel Min Min (%) Min Hardness Conductivity Surfaces Inch(Iacs %) A (TB00) all sizes 60 20 20 45-85...

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