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USING THIS CATALOGUE a tock status indication S catalogue was made in show only 2014. a lease note that products in this catalogue are P a : Inventory maintained. continuously reviewed and updated. The products s : Inventory maintained in Japan. therefore may be changed in the future and thus differ r : Non stock, produced to order only. from what is shown in catalogue. [ : Inventory maintained. a tock status is mentioned for the products in this catalogue. S To be replaced by new products. However, please note that the products here may be (Note) Please contact us regarding grades and...

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NEW PRODUCTS MC5000/MC6000/MC7000/MP9000 New easy selection turning series General purpose multi corner insert face milling cutter For high efficiency milling of titanium alloys Shoulder milling cutter for cast iron Vibration control end mills for difficult-to-cut materials New generation indexable drills New high performance solid carbide drill

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EASY SELECTION M = MEDIUM CUTTING MP FOR STEEL MM FOR STAINLESS STEEL MK FOR CAST IRON MS FOR HRSA AND TITANIUM R = ROUGH CUTTING RP FOR STEEL RM FOR STAINLESS STEEL RK FOR CAST IRON RS FOR HRSA AND TITANIUM Long tool life for general turning of steel Excellent chip control Multi-functional grade Increased performance for stainless steel turning Excellent chip control Good burr control STAINLESS STEEL High performance and flexibility for turning of stainless steels. New Easy Selection chip breaker system: LM (for light cutting) MM (for medium cutting) RM (for rough and interrupted cutting)...

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APPLICATION AREA L = LIGHT CUTTING M = MEDIUM CUTTING R = ROUGH CUTTING L = LIGHT CUTTING LP FOR STEEL LM FOR STAINLESS STEEL LK FOR CAST IRON LS FOR HRSA AND TITANIUM MATERIAL GROUP P = ISO-P Steel M = ISO-M Stainless Steel K = ISO-K Cast Iron S = ISO-S Heat Resistant Alloys 5000 SERIES 9000 SERIES New CVD-coated grade for turning of cast iron. Offering higher productivity by increasing cutting parameters and giving longer tool life. New Easy Selection chip breaker system: LK (for light cutting) MK (for medium cutting) RK (for rough and interrupted cutting) New PVD-coated and uncoated...

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ZERO-μ Technology Conventional cutting edge ZERO-μ SHARPNESS ON THE EDGE Extremely smooth and dense surface. Sharp cutting edges with low friction coefficient. TOUGH-Σ INNOVATIVE PVD COATING TECHNOLOGY Extremely tough, smooth and wear resistant for high productivity milling.

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ACCUMULATED TECHNOLOGY High aluminium particle content Aluminium (%) AL-RICH HARDNESS OVER THE LIMIT Due to the 20% higher aluminum oxide content compared to other AlTiN-coatings. TRI-cooling Technology ® EFFECTIVE COOLANT LUBRICATION Arrangement and geometry of the coolant holes provide optimized coolant and chip evacuation.

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ROTATING TOOLS SOLID END MILL Exchangeable head end mills with double face contact to the shank. Vibration control end mills for machining difficult-tocut materials. High precision end mills with excellent wear resistance for general machining.

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Wide range of tools to cover all applications 1930 sizes available in 40 different types. Effective for machining titanium and other super alloys used in aerospace components. For high efficiency machining of aluminium alloy. End mills for copper electrode milling.

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ROTATING TOOLS CUTTER AHX640S General purpose multi corner insert face milling cutter. APX3000/ APX4000 Multi functional end mills. Face milling cutters with screw-on type inserts. High accuracy indexable end mills. The optimum tool for accurate finishing. Shoulder milling cutters with screw-on type inserts.

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VOX400 Shoulder milling cutter for cast iron. VFX5/B For high efficiency milling of titanium alloys. AXD4000/ AXD7000 Multi functional milling cutter for high speed & performance machining of aluminium alloys. AJX Ultra high feed rate radius milling cutters. AHXB40W General purpose milling cutter for cast iron.

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VAPDSCB MVX New high performance Solid carbide drills for Violet series, high precision Indexable type drills Indexable insert drills. solid carbide drill. machining stainless steels. drills for counter boring.

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Solid carbide micro drills. Solid carbide drill for die & mould machining. Solid carbide drills for machining of aluminium alloys. SUPER LONG Solid carbide drills for deep hole drilling.

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a Constituents Carbide, nitride, carbon nitride, oxide, W, Ti, Al, Si, Ta, B, V and metals such as Fe, Co, Ni, Cr, Mo. ■ 3. Safety of Cutting Tool Products OHard tool materials have a large specific gravity. Thus, they require special attention as heavy materials when the size or quantity is large. OCutting tool products generate dust and mist during grinding operations or heating. This dust and mist can be harmful to the human body when coming in contact with the eyes or skin, or if substantial quantities are swallowed. When grinding and machining, it is recommended to use local exhaust...

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INFORMATION This catalog completes the basic precautions for safety use of our company's products. For further information, please refer to the guidline, catalogs or contact us. We are not responsible for any accidents causing by modifying tools without our permission.

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HOW TO READ THE STANDARD OF TURNING INSERTS a How this section page is organised a Graph of chip control by work material z Organised according to turning insert shape. (Refer to the index on the next page.) x Inserts are arranged in order of : • Negative inserts (with hole|without hole) • Positive inserts (with hole|without hole) c Breakers are arranged in order of : Finish Cutting|Light Cutting|Medium Cutting |Rough Cutting|Heavy Cutting Shows recommended chip breakers and chip control range according to work material and cutting application. Graphs are coloured according to cutting...

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