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MITSUBISHI ^MITSUBISHI MATERIALS MITSUBISHI CARBIDE Offers the best performance for automotive parts applications I ■ Smooth chip control even at varied depths of cut, feeds and cutting speeds !

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When copying, cutting conditions such as the depth of cut, feed rate and cutting speed can vary. This can lead to a number of problems and reduce efficiency: a Ineffective chip control due to the use of one breaker style. a Machine down time due to chip jamming. a Poor tool management due to the use of numerous insert geometries. MP breaker uses a unique geometry that provides effective chip control over a wide application area. It also improves wear resistance because of lower heat generation during cutting, therefore contributing to a large increase in productivity. y Features The...

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• Chip control comparison 0 0.1 0.3 0.5 Feed (mm/rev) <Cutting conditions> Insert : CNMG120408-MP Cutting speed : 200m/min Wet cutting • Cutting edge comparison <Cutting Conditions> Workpiece : DIN Ck55 Feed : 0.2-. 0.5mm/rev Cutting speed : 230m/min Wet cutting MP Breaker Breaker remains Pieces: 100 Cutting speed 200m/min 400m/min MP Breaker Conventional breaker Machine downtime due to chips wrapping around the tool holder. <Cutting conditions> Conventional breaker Breaker is worn away Pieces: 70 ■ Recommended cutting conditions Work Material

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Medium Cutting Medium Cutting Medium Cutting Medium Cutting Medium Cutting Medium Cutting

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MITSUBISHI AMITSUBISHI MATERIALS MMC HARTMETALL GmbH Comeniusstr. 2, 40670 Meerbusch Germany Tel. +49-2159-9189-0 Fax +49-2159-918966 e-mail admin@mmchg.de MMC HARDMETAL U.K. LTD. Mitsubishi House, Galena Close, Tamworth, Staffs. B77 4AS, U.K. Tel. +44-1827-312312 Fax +44-1827-312314 e-mail sales@mitsubishicarbide.co.uk MMC METAL FRANCE s.a.r.l. 6, Rue Jacques Monod, 91400 Orsay, France Tel. +33-1-69 35 53 53 Fax +33-1-69 35 53 50 e-mail mmfsales@mmc-metal-france.fr MITSUBISHI MATERIALS ESPANA, S.A. Calle Emperador 2, 46136 Museros/Valencia, Spain Tel. +34-96-144-1711 Fax...

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