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Mobile Tower Series - 1

Mobile Tower Series Remote lighting for Airport Aprons AVIATION | SPORTS MARITIME | HORTICULTURE

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Mobile Tower Series - 2

ICAO compliance - Delivered instantly 2 Mobile Tower Series - Overview 3 - 4 Mobile Tower Series - Specifications 5 - 6 ICAO compliance - The detail 7 - 8 ICAO complianceDelivered instantly ICAO compliance isn’t just a nice to have - it’s a must. Yet many airports don’t comply. This is especially true for remote aprons. When airports are being expanded or their aprons being reconfigured, the need to upgrade the floodlighting is either forgotten or ignored. This can leave the apron lighting no longer fit for the job and the operator exposed. Working with of major airports around the globe,...

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Mobile Tower Series - 3

Mobile Tower Series Overview Compact and easy to transport and handle, the Mobile Tower features an adjustable 9-metre vertical, hydraulic mast. This delivers an impressive average 20 Lux coverage over 3600m2 via four highly efficient, asymmetric 326W LED Titan floodlights and a 110-litre long-run fuel tank. These Titan floodlights are produced in stainless steel with two-stage high surge protection devices for added resilience. A high-efficiency thermal management system also allows for operation in high-heat environments. The Mobile Tower fulfils the exacting requirements of apron...

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Mobile Tower Series - 4

Multi-directionally adjustable, mobile floodlight tower with 4 highly efficient, asymmetric 326W LED floodlights, designed specifically for large area lighting with low glare conditions. Luminaire Midstream Titan 320 LED Floodlight x 4 Tower 7-section hydraulic vertical tower, up to 9m height, 340° rotatable. Galvanized metalwork with 80 |jm powder coating. Guided main coiled cable to avoid damage during tower operation. Certified wind stability up to 110 km/h. Technical specs DIMENSIONS MIN. DIMENSIONS MAX. TOTAL WEIGHT WITHOUT FUEL ROTATION ILLUMINATED AREA FLOODLIGHTS ENGINE MODEL FUEL...

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Mobile Tower Series - 5

ICAO complianceThe detail Applications • Remote aprons • VIP Aprons • Runway resurfacing • Airport road network • Parking areas • Special events • Temporary Aprons • Emergency response • Law enforcement use • Construction projects • Fuel farms • Military applications • Security checkpoints • OLS Restricted aprons • Supplementary illumination Key Features • Automatic Mast Operating Safety System • Light sensor for automatic start • Longitudinal and transversal forklift pockets • Optional socket to power lights from mains supply • IP67 certified • European manufacturing • Up to 200 hours...

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Mobile Tower Series - 6

For over the last decade, we’ve transformed the design and manufacture of airport lighting systems. This has helped us to become the industry’s key global player. From major hubs like London Gatwick, Frankfurt, and Dubai International airports to regional airports such as London City and Queen Alia to highly sensitive military sites - we've delivered time after time. Midstream is the first choice for customers who cannot compromise on quality and reliability. 9

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Mobile Tower Series - 7

European HQ Midstream Ltd. Wessex House, 1 Chesham Street London SW1X 8ND, United Kingdom Telephone +44 207 584 8310 Email US HQ Midstream Lighting Ltd. 66 West Flagler Street, Miami, FL 33130,USA Telephone: (888) 549-6775 Email

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