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WDS-2500-P85 - 1

More Precision wireSENSOR WDS-2500-P85-M Rugged draw-wire sensor mechanism Rugged draw-wire sensor mechanism for mounting encoders The wireSENSOR mechanisms in the P85 Series are designed so that simple mounting of an incremental or absolute encoder is ensured. The selection of the interface, resolution and type of connection can therefore be individually configured. Also, optimum matching to the signal conditioning system is provided. High quality precision components and a rugged construction ensure high operational reliability and a long service life even in a harsh industrial environment. Mounting grooves on the four sides of the housing ensure a simple and flexible mechanical installation. At the exit of the wire a wire cleaner is integrated with bellows. This cleaner extends the service life of the sensor, because dirt is contricted to get into the wire drum. For special and difficult installation situations, a deflection pulley mounted directly on the sensor is obtainable which reliably guides the wire in tight spatial conditions. Advantages - Simple and flexible encoder mouting - Robust and compact sensordesign - Customerspecific series available - Ideal for OEM - Long operational reliability

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WDS-2500-P85 - 2

FSO = Full Scale Output Micro-Epsilon certified DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2000 modifications reserved / Y9761147-A011051DGO

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