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Sensors & Applications Machine Tools - 1

Sensors & Applications Machine Tools

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Sensors & Applications Machine Tools - 3

Sensors and measuring systems for machine tools Modern machine tools comprise numerous sensors. Compact design, longevity and high economic efficiency are major requirements that sensors should meet. Micro-Epsilon offers a comprehensive product range and sensors, which are integrated into the machine tool. The portfolio includes standard sensors for displacement and position measurements, as well as OEM solutions for large volumes. Sensor system developed for measuring the thermal extension of milling spindles Measuring range of 500 µm Resolution of 0.5 µm High temperature range Robust...

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Sensors & Applications Machine Tools - 4

eddyNCDT SGS ■ Cost-optimized design ■ Miniature sensor design ■ Miniature controller ■ Sensor can be completely integrated into the spindle ■ For ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic materials ■ Integrated temperature compensation in the sensor

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Sensors & Applications Machine Tools - 5

The controller can be integrated into the spindle or flange mounted onto the housing. Typical installation scenario: Measuring on a labyrinth-ring Measuring thermal length expansion of spindles The SGS 4701 displacement measuring system (Spindle Growth System) is developed specifically for high speed milling machine applications. Due to high machining speeds and the heat generated, the linear thermal expansion of the spindle in the precision machine tool must to be compensated for in order to keep the tool in a defined position at all times. The SGS sensor measures the thermal and...

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Sensors & Applications Machine Tools - 6

Monitoring the clamping position of tools

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Sensors & Applications Machine Tools - 7

Today, modern high-performance machine tools achieve accuracies in the micrometer range. Realizing these levels of precision requires all components to be perfectly matched - from the drive to the release device via the tool clamp to the tool itself. Since most of the components are permanently installed on the machine, the highest precision can only be achieved if these were installed correctly. Only the tool is changed with each new operation and so can cause critical deviations. Pos. 3 Clamping collet without tool Pos. 2 Tool is clamped Pos. 1 Tool is ejected Particular attention should...

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Sensors & Applications Machine Tools - 8

wireSENSOR ■ Robust draw-wire displacement sensors ■ Displacement and position measurements with measuring ranges up to 30 m ■ Analog and digital outputs ■ Flexible measuring wire, ideal for difficult-to-access positions ■ Compact design for integration into confined spaces

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Sensors & Applications Machine Tools - 9

Position measurement of the tailstock The tailstock is an important part of a lathe or milling machine. The tailstock is used to support long workpieces by means of a center, which catches in the center hole on the front side of the workpiece. In order to detect the center tip, compact draw-wire sensors from Micro-Epsilon are used. The measuring wire is connected to the center tip and measures the displacement of the tailstock. Compact draw-wire sensors Draw-wire sensors offer outstanding price/performance ratios combined with compact designs. Due to their miniature design, the sensors can...

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Sensors & Applications Machine Tools - 10

Measuring tool holders

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Sensors & Applications Machine Tools - 11

Measuring tool holders in the magazine Modern machine tools have complex magazines with various tools that are automatically picked up by the machine. In order for these tools to be accurately picked up, the tool holders must be precisely positioned. To check the position of the tool holders, optoNCDT 1420 laser sensors are used, which measure the metallic holders from above and from the side. These smart laser sensors stand out due to their high measuring rates while providing precise measurement values, despite strongly reflecting, metallic surfaces. optoNCDT 1420 ■ Compact laser...

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Sensors & Applications Machine Tools - 12

Position measurement in the zero point clamping system mainSENSOR Magneto-inductive sensors for non-contact and linear displacement measurements Selectable measuring ranges up to 55 mm igh basic sensitivity and temperature stability H Non-contact and wear-free Available in any quanti

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Sensors & Applications Machine Tools - 13

Magneto-inductive sensors are available in different variants. From the solid stainless-steel variant to the compact PCB model, the product range offers a suitable model for each operational site. The magnet determines the measuring range - the larger the magnet, the larger the measuring range (max. 55 mm). Position measurement in the zero point clamping system In modern machine tools, zero point clamping systems ensure reproducible positioning of the workpieces, clamping stations and workpiece carriers. The carriers are positioned via clamping bolts and then locked. Exact and reproducible...

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Sensors & Applications Machine Tools - 14

eddyNCDT 3005 ■ Inductive sensors (eddy current) for displacement, distance, position ■ Non-contact displacement and distance measurements with measuring ranges from 1 to 6 mm (customizable) ■ High frequency response for dynamic measurements ■ Insensitive to fluctuating temperatures ■ Pressure-resistant models up to 10 bar (also available for higher pressures as customer-specific sensors) ■ Resistant to oil, dust & dirt

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Sensors & Applications Machine Tools - 15

Concentricity/Shaft runout of spindles Many factors influence the processing quality of machine tools. Particularly in high-frequency spindles, the accurate concentricity or shaft runout of the tool play a decisive role. Non-contact, inductive displacement sensors from Micro-Epsilon are used for continuous monitoring of concentricity or shaft runout. Based on the eddy current technology, these sensors provide extremely high resolution even when oil and dirt contaminate the installation space. This is how the measurement accuracy in the micrometer range is achieved. The high frequency...

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Sensors & Applications Machine Tools - 16

Sensors and Systems from Micro-Epsilon Sensors and measurement devices for non-contact temperature measurement Measuring and inspection systems for metal strips, plastics and rubber Optical micrometers and fiber optics, measuring and test amplifiers Color recognition sensors, LED analyzers and inline color spectrometers 3D measurement technology for dimensional testing and surface inspection More Precision Whether it is for quality assurance, predictive maintenance, process and machine monitoring, automation or R&D – sensors from Micro-Epsilon make a vital contribution to the improvement of...

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