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Sensors & Applications Glass Industry


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Sensors & Applications Glass Industry - 1

Sensors & Applications Glass Industry

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Sensors & Applications Glass Industry - 3

Sensors and measuring systems for glass production Modern glass production is increasingly determined by maximum efficiency. Therefore, rapid access to fundamental process variables is required in order to ensure fast control of the process. With products such as container glass, flat glass or special glasses, tight manufacturing tolerances must be adhered to while maintaining the shortest possible cycle times. Due to the high degree of integration as well as the high accuracy and measurement speed, sensors from Micro-Epsilon are used in the glass industry for different measurement tasks:...

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Sensors & Applications Glass Industry - 4

Flat glass Temperature measurement of float glass After the tin bath, flat glass has a temperature of approx. 600°C. At the transition to the cooling zone and in the other subsequent c ooling zones, thermoIMAGER infrared cameras are used for temperature inspection. Infrared cameras enable non-contact t emperature onitoring of the cooling process from a safe distance. m Line scan camera Thanks to the TIM Connect Software, the thermoIMAGER cameras can also be used as line scan cameras. The software enables the user to choose any line from the detector array and to position it. This line acts...

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Sensors & Applications Glass Industry - 5

Thickness measurement of displays and flat glass For the production of display glass, glass sheets with a homo geneous thickness profile are required. For thickness easurement m tasks, confocal chromatic sensors from Micro-Epsilon are used. These detect the thickness from one side without touching the target. Due to their high measuring rate, the sensors are also a pplied in high speed processes. Edge measurement of glass In many handling processes, precise positioning of glass sheets is required. The position of the sheets is determined via the detection of the glass edges. Laser profile...

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Sensors & Applications Glass Industry - 6

Container glass confocalDT onfocal sensors for measuring C displacement and thickness Small measurement spot size High repeatability For dynamic measurements

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Sensors & Applications Glass Industry - 7

Non-contact temperature measurement when shaping container glass In container glass production, the process relevant temperature must be inspected at different points. Non-contact temperature sensors are used during the shaping process that involves temperatures in excess of 500 °C. As the shaping process lasts for just a few seconds, the sensor response time is critical. During both the forming process of the parison and the final shaping process, the heat treatment of the glass can be influenced either by directly measuring the glass surface or by indirectly measuring the surface of the...

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Sensors & Applications Glass Industry - 8

Machine monitoring

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Sensors & Applications Glass Industry - 9

Plunger measurement in IS machines In hollow glass production, IS machines are used. This production environment is characterized by harsh ambient conditions such as ibration, steam and high temperatures. Micro-Epsilon has v d eveloped an inductive EDS displacement sensor, which is specially i ntended for 24-hour operation in IS machines to determine the exact plunger position. The robust sensor design compensates for temperature influences, including those caused by temperature gradients along the measuring range. Sensor: induSENSOR EDS Distance control of print heads for glass printing...

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Sensors & Applications Glass Industry - 10

Production control of displays and optical glasses

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Sensors & Applications Glass Industry - 11

Camera auto focus measurement Confocal sensors measure the distances between the auto focus lenses to provide the camera with the highest possible image quality. Sensor: confocalDT Display assembly gap and thickness measurement of multilayer transparent material While smartphone display glasses are fed automatically into the line, a fast thickness measurement is carried out. With the single display glass layers presenting different refractive indices, several glass l ayers can be measured using only one confocal sensor. Sensor: confocalDT Surface inspection of display glass Fully-automatic...

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Sensors & Applications Glass Industry - 12

Sensors and Systems from Micro-Epsilon Sensors and measurement devices for non-contact temperature measurement Measuring and inspection systems for metal strips, plastics and rubber Optical micrometers and fiber optics, measuring and test amplifiers Color recognition sensors, LED analyzers and inline color spectrometers 3D measurement technology for dimensional testing and surface inspection More Precision Whether it is for quality assurance, predictive maintenance, process and machine monitoring, automation or R&D – sensors from Micro-Epsilon make a vital contribution to the improvement of...

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