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More Precision eddyNCDT // Inductive sensors based on eddy currents

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Performance and universality for industrial use The eddyNCDT 3070 is a powerful, inductive sensor system based on eddy currents for measuring ranges smaller than 1 mm. The system comprises a compact controller, a sensor and an integrated cable and is factory-calibrated either for ferromagnetic or nonferromagnetic materials. Ideal for integration into plant and machinery As sensor and controller are temperature-compensated, a high measurement accuracy can be achieved even in fluctuating temperatures. The sensors are designed for ambient temperatures up to a maximum of +200 °C and an ambient...

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1) Valid for operation with DT307x controller, referred to nominal measuring range 2) Relates to mid of measuring range 3) RMS value of the signal noise, static (20 Hz) 4) Only with DT307x controller and 3-point or 5-point linearization 5 Length tolerance cable: ±0,03 m

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Connection cable for DT3070 portfolio sensors Sensors with integrated cable: ES-S04-C-CAx/mB0 and extension cable: ECE-x/fB0/mB0 Coaxial cable (sensor cable) Cable diameter: Ø 2 mm Minimum bending radius: static approx. 10 mm / dynamic approx. 20 mm Temperature resistance: static up to 200 °C Available length: 0.25 m / 0.5 m / 0.75 m Sensors with integrated cable and open ends for solder connection via adapter cable ECA-x/OE/mB0/D3,6 Coaxial cable with Viton sheathing Cable diameter: Ø 3.6 mm Minimum bending radius: static approx. 18 mm / dynamic approx. 36 mm Temperature resistance: up to...

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Accessories eddyNCDT Article Supply and signal cable 8-pole with M12 connector PCx/8-M12 Standard length: 3 m X X Optionally available: 5 m / 10 m / 15 m / 10 m as drag-chain suitable variant Supply and signal cable 5-pole with M12 connector Standard length: 5 m Optionally available: 20 m Supply and signal cable 8-pole with M12 connector PC4701-x Standard length: 10 m Optionally available: 15 m / 10 m as drag-chain suitable variant Industrial Ethernet cable 4-pole with M12 connector on RJ45 connector Standard length: 2 m Signal cable, analog 5-pole with M16x0.75 connector Standard length: 3...

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Sensors and Systems from Micro-Epsilon Sensors and measurement devices for non-contact temperature measurement Measuring and inspection systems for metal strips, plastics and rubber Optical micrometers and fiber optics, measuring and test amplifiers Sensors and systems for displacement, distance and position Color recognition sensors, LED analyzers and inline color spectrometers 3D measurement technology for dimensional testing and surface inspection MICRO-EPSILON Headquarters Koenigbacher Str. 15 ∙ 94496 Ortenburg / Germany Tel. +49 (0) 8542 / 168-0 ∙ Fax +49 (0) 8542 / 168-90...

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