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MGM COMPRO presentation - 2

INNOVATION, EXPERIENCE, PASSION go through every piece of specialty electronics we create We have been creating innovative solutions in the field of specialty electronics for almost 30 years. MGM COMPRO is a pioneer on the path to the whole new era of complex electric propulsion systems, which spread all around the globe. Modern technology, emission-free solutions, permanent innovation and development, vision and desire to realize challenges of intelligent electronics and implementation of electric propulsion systems into everyday life – these are results of our work. — GRIGORIJ DVORSKY...

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MGM COMPRO presentation - 3

GRIGORIJ DVORSKY CTO The founder of the company involved in the innovative product development, renowned expert in the field of electronics. Mr. Dvorsky gives a global technical leadership and manages the whole development team. MARTIN DVORSKY MANAGING DIRECTOR In charge of trade policy and business development of the company. His visions altogether with rich entrepreneurial experience give clear direction to the company to reach longterm strategic goals.

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MGM COMPRO presentation - 4

Company founding, entering the market with unique solutions in the field of medical devices and other special processor-controlled electronics. MGM COMPRO amazed the market with the world's first line of intelligent speed controllers for DC electric motors full of outstanding parameters and innovative features. Launch of the first line of speed controllers for BLDC electric motors with unrivalled motor management, smooth motor starting, connectivity and exceptional reliability. Besides electronic speed controllers, BMS, Battery Packs and Chargers MGM COMPRO excels also in the field of...

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MGM COMPRO presentation - 5

MGM COMPRO electric propulsion system made the first Airbus Group's electric aircraft fly, starting the era of manned electric flying. The world premiere of the first fully electric 2-seater LSA airplane equipped with the MGM COMPRO electric propulsion system replacing conventional Rotax 912, which was immediately followed with Airbus E-Fan as well powered by MGM COMPRO components. Projects focusing on the development of high-power electric propulsion systems for propeller and ducted fan applications. Besides standard deliveries for marine industry, MGM COMPRO newly starts to supply...

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MGM COMPRO presentation - 6

30 YEARS ON THE MARKET MGM COMPRO has been a stable supplier of industrial electronics for more than 30 years. The company keeps its position on the market thanks to the top quality products with unique features and original technical solutions. Our vision and desire to create the most effective products and services for our customers projects, professional team EXPORT TO MORE THAN 50 COUNTRIES MGM COMPRO is a global company with strong business partnerships all over the world. We are proud that with the use of the latest technology we develop and produce each piece of our electronics inn...

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MGM COMPRO presentation - 7

TECHNOLOGY QUALITY IN ITS BEST FORM To secure outstanding performance of our products we use the latest technology and top of the range electrical parts. The highest quality is secured from the beginning to the final stages of the production process with a strong focus on the very last detail. Always fully tested PCBs (tested for every single connection) are assembled using swiss ESSEMTEC machines followed by automatic optical control. This all secures the triple check process before each PCB continues in the production. Moreover, every single piece has to pass a series of demanding tests...

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MGM COMPRO presentation - 8

CNC Mechanical parts are an integral part of the production. This is the reason why our company uses CNC machines. Even the most demanding individual solutions are not a problem to solve. This also speeds up the production, shortens delivery times and lowers our dependence on subcontractors. ASSEMBLY SYSTEMS MGM COMPRO electronics are produced on our own production lines in the Czech Republic. Mounting machines of our compa y are n equipped with Swiss automats of the leading global brand ESSEMTEC.

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MGM COMPRO presentation - 9

PROPULSION SYSTEMS MGM COMPRO has a long tradition in the development of electric propulsion units – from large series of systems ready for in-building to special tailor-made units, which change contemporary standards of electro mobility, e.g. in electric aircrafts, vehicles, UAVs, UGVs, boats, military applications, jet surfs and many other fields. The best solution for self-launching gliders For various UAV applications and heavy payload lifting dro

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MGM COMPRO presentation - 10

80—100 kW Ideal solution for VTOL aircraft

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MGM COMPRO presentation - 11

SPEED CONTROLLERS The industrial ranges of HBC and HSBC controllers represent state of the art technology o electromotor control. Controllers ranging from low to high power, low as well as high voltage are manufactured in many variants and designs to completely fulfill customer needs. Together with top control management they feature numerous possibilities of settings, operation, communication, diagnostics and much more. This sets them to be an ideal solution to various industrial applications, electric vehicles and a broad spectrum of products and equipment.

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MGM COMPRO presentation - 13

BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS MGM COMPRO Battery Management Systems (BMS) bring new dimension to economic effectiveness for applications using lithium based batteries. They ensure high end management of energy storage in battery systems (during charging, as well as discharging and even with very high currents) for various industrial applications, electric aircraft, electric vehicles (cars, boats, paramotors, etc.), solar and wind plants, intelligent houses and high capacity energy storages. They fully protect cells and significantly extend their lifespan. As our other signature products, they...

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MGM COMPRO presentation - 14

BMS-16I | BMS-8I VARIOUS FORMS, INTELLIGENT CONTROL BMS8i and BMS16i types feature balancing during the charge as well as the permanent balancing options, both also available as airborne type. Excellent care for individual cells during charge and discharge is given. Most advanced alghoritms, unique internal voltage measurement feature, balancing current options, full connectivity, modularity, doubled crucial components, real-time HW and FW self-checking, diagnosis and much more are featured. BMS-2 | BMS-256 EFFICIENCY IN ITS BEST FORM Both BMS-2 and BMS-256 systems balance extremely high...

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